Monday, 16 January 2012

Review of Botanics Skincare

Sorry about the complete lackage of posts! Was meant to do one a few days ago, but I've been studying for exams which start to tomorrow (wish me luck). Feeling very unprepared but how and ever on with the post! so from the name you can gather that is a review of some Botantics. I was in Boots about 2 weeks ago and was in desperate need of a toner (the one I had was making me break out *super sad face*). Botanics, which is one of Boots own ranges made from a lot of natural ingredients, was having a 3 for 2 offer so of course I had to get some things. So here is what I picked up:

  • Skin Brightening Toner
  • Soothing Eye Make Up Remover
  • Clay Masking (don't have the exact name right now but I will post it up in the comments later )

So first the Toner. It is good and it does the job. My skin has been a tad dull lately as i have been spending my days in door studying so I picked this up hoping it would brighten my skin. So far there hasn't been a great improvement. but my breakouts are starting to calm a bit. I will keep you updated if I do do see a huge improvement. The only down side of the toner, well for me anyway is that I like toners that refresh you skin,, you know the tingling feeling that you sometimes get but you don't get that feeling with this one. 

Next the eye make up remover, I love this! Its amazing! It gets rid of everything with one wipe, ever waterproof mascara! I wear a lot of eye liner and mascara so I'm used to having to rub a bit, which is very bad for your eyes but with this remover everything comes off very easily. you do have to shake the bottle before use as the ingredients can separate. i have forgotten to do this but it still works really well! 

Last but not least is the clay mask. I have only used this once for far, but like it. You clean your face and before you dry it you put on this mask and leave it for 15-20 minutes and then you wash it off. it does dry on your face which causes your skin to feel tight and it is a little uncomfortable but after you wash it off your skin feels skin and ever so nice! As you don't use the mask everyday, it will last a good while! 

All in all, I would recommend all of these products (especially the eye make up remover). If you are thinking about buying them, the 3 for 2 offer should still be on and a quick tip, if you live in Ireland Boots give you 10% off if you have a Student Travel card. 

Do you have any Botanics products and what do you think of them? Or have you tried these ones? Let me know in the comments below! Talk to all soon


P.S. sorry about the quality of the pictures, still getting used to me camera. x

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