Monday, 23 January 2012


Sorry for lack of updates, was finishing exams and a few nights out happened to celebrate! Anyways, after my last exam, we had a college night out to celebrate and I thought I would do my first 'Outfit Of The Day'! So here goes!!

The outfit:
  • Shoes are from TK Maxx
  • Top is from a random shop in Spain
  • Belt from a Playsuit from Awear
  • Jewellery from Topshop and Pennys

Here is my make up from the night! (Sorry for the weird angle and over 'flash', still getting used to my camera - I have a Fuji Film Finepix S2950 in case your wondering) 

I found this make up look in a tutorial by Nikkie Tutorials and tried to re-create it, I'll link it below at the end of the post. Now here is the products that I used.

The black pallet is one I got on ebay, its full of matt eye shadows and is very pigmented, I think I got it for about  €8 including P&P. The black in it is the main colour that I used.

Thanks for reading!!



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  1. That top is super pretty!!! :D



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