Thursday, 5 January 2012

The First Post

So first off I'm just going to apologise for the many upcoming typos, I do promise to read over all my posts before I upload them but some will escape and appear in the post.
I've said it before and it is in my introduction but this is my first blog, I've been talking abot starting one for ages and my wonderful boyfriend bought my a goregous camera for Christmas as the final push to start one and to stop talking about it. So here goes. this post will just be an introduction to what I want to do. I am a huge make up and beauty lover so the majority of this blog will constist of me talking about those. I will also end up talkin about fashion and advertisements as again also interests!

I'm still in college at the moment, in an Advertising Masters in Dublin and I love it, although Christmas exams are coming up and should really have started studying for those but decided to start this first. Yaay!!

So thanks for reading, I will do a proper post in the next few days of some of favourite make up products right now. I need some daylight to take pictures before I do.

Talk to all soon



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