Monday, 30 January 2012

Ultimate Cover Up - Review of Vichy 'Dermablend'

Thanks for sticking with me, still getting my head around the blog. hopefully with be updating the background and such this weekend, the boyfriend is coming over to help :)

Anyway, being just a tad obsessed with make up I am always on the look out for a new thing to try and at the moment I am searching for the 'ultimate' foundation! And today, I think (and hope) that I found. From an Irish beauty blog (I'll leave the link below) and from Facebook I heard about  Vichy Dermablend, which from the YouTube video can over up even the most elaborate of Tattoos, so I have been very excited to try it and by chance I found it in my local chemist today. Here's a look at the foundation.

 I also picked up the setting powder. 

I'm very pale so I am the lightest shade (15 Opal), which fortunately suits my skin tone and colouring. 

I did blend the foundation into my skin and it blends in so nice. I had some small paper cuts on my hand from work and the foundation covered up all the redness around them, so I am so excited to see what it does on my face. I suffered from some acne in my teenage years so I do have some small scaring and some uneven red patches but this foundation is meant to be a total cover up including redness, irregular skin tones and large pores creating a flawless finish.

The setting powder is very soft and comes with its own powder puff. Both products come with instructions on how to apply. First the foundation should be applied using your fingers (clean fingers that is) starting in the centre of the face and moving outwards. Secondly the setting powder should be applied with the powder puff and then blended out with a brush. I'm, not sure if I'll stick to these instructions when applying the products but I'll try.

Have you tried these products? Let me know.


Irish Beauty Blog:

The foundation blended in.

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