Monday, 23 January 2012

In need of some helping Hand-Cream?

So two posts in one day! I'm trying to make up for my lackage over the last few days! So in the cold cold weather I find myself reaching for my hand cream more than ever and I would do a quick review of my favourites!

Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail Conditioning  - This one is non-greasy and a fast drying formula which is handy (excuse the pun) if you have a busy day or use your hands a lot. This is only hand cream I have which also looks after nails, the other are more for the skin. For every day use I alternate between this one and the Soap & Glory Hand Food. Unfortunately I don't have a price for this one, I picked it up in a random market for €2 but I think you can get it from Tesco or Boots. If you know how much it costs, let me know! :) 

Soap & Glory Hand Food - I love this one, its made from marshmallows and smells delicious! I got this in a big Soap & Glory hamper I got from Santa full of all sorts of S&P goodies. This hand cream is one I have repurchased a few times and it also come is a small travel size which is perfect for carry around in your hand bag. It a non-greasy formula and dries is really quickly. You can get it in Boots and I think it costs about €13 but I'm not sure of the exact cost, sorry but I would definitely recommend it. The travel size version is only a couple of euro so maybe try that one first before investing in the big tubes. 

Atrixco Enriched Moisturising Cream - Apparently this is very hard to find, I got from a Londis (a small grocery store near my college) for about €3 and it is really good. But its a very thick cream so it does take a while to dry into you skin, so I mostly use this at night as my hands get a bit greasy. I do carry this one around in my hand bag though as it is so small so I do use it during the day. 

My favourite is probably the Soap & Glory Hand Food as it smells so good and is quick drying but I would recommend them all! Leave me comments about your favourite hand creams or else is you've tried any of these ones and what you think about them! 

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  1. Great post! I love the Vaseline Healthy, hand and nail conditioning lotion!! I use it all the time!! :)



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