Sunday, 19 February 2012

Forgotten Treasures - Benefit 'Cheek Tints'

Sorry its been ages since my last update!
I am currently under a buying embargo until the (hopefully) the end of March. My boyfriend has been giving out to me recently for the amount of makeup that I have been buying and that I already have so much stuff. So starting from last week end the 11th of February I am not allowed to buy. This has presented a challenge for this blog, until I started using products that I haven't in ages and found some old favorites. So for the next while I shall be boring and be showing you pictures of my old make up and talking to you all about why I like it. Wonderful!!

My first find from the bottom of the make up drawers was my Benefit Tint's. I have three in total: Benetint, Posie Tint and High Beam. I also found my Benetint lip balm that can be used as a cheek stain or a lip stain.

I can't believe I forgot how much I love these products. The Benetint has a gorgeous rosy colour while the Posietint is a bright pink colour. Both tints can be used on your cheeks and lips as stains and last for ages. My favourite is the Benetint. it gives such ha nice flush of colour to your cheeks. Highbeam is a lovely pinky highlighter that can be used on your cheeks, the bride of your nose, forehead or chin (depending on where you like to highlight). All four products have worked their way in to my every day routines.

Have you used these products before, let me knwo if you have and what one is your favourite?

Talk soon



  1. LOVE the benetint. Amazing cheek stain. DAMN the bf for giving out. tut tut

  2. I know! so glad I found them again. Can't be too mad at him though. Thanks to him I did remember how much I loved these bad boys! <3


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