Friday, 10 February 2012

Review of L'oreal 'Color Infaillible Eye Shadows'

I have been seeing a lot about the L'oreal Color Infaillible Eye Shadows on blogs and on YouTube so I have wanted to try some for a while. So when I was in Boots a few weeks ago and saw that they were reduced I picked some up. I only picked up three colours to try before investing in more.

Here are the three that I got

The three colours that I got where: 006 All Night Blue, 015 Flashback Silver and 001 Time Resist White.

Here are some swatches:

The top row is without eye-shadow primer and the bottom row is with eye-shadow primer. ( I use the Inglot Eye Make Up Base 01)
Its goes: 015 Flashback Silver, 006 All Night Blue and 001 Time Resist White.

You can see from the swatch picture that even without an eye-shadow primer they have a lot of pigmentation. I chose these colours because I keep reaching for browns and taupes at the moment and felt that my make up collection need an injection of some new colours. I have green eyes so I am usually turned off wearing any type of blue eye-shadows but 006 All Night Blue is just such a gorgeous colour that I had to get it. 001 Time Resist White is such a nice highlight colour and inner eye corner although it is very shimmery, so make sure to test it first. I don't mind a lot of shimmer but some it does turn some people off. 015 Flashback Silver is a grey colour with an undertone of purple and lovely just swept across the lid.

I worn these colours out a few times and they last all night, I really do like them! I would recommend them and really want to try more colours.

Have you ever tried these eye-shadows? What colours would you recommend? 


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