Friday, 3 February 2012

On a Journey with China Glaze 'Christmas Collection'

In middle of January, in the mist of my exams, the only thing that could keep me sane was the act of shopping. During these expeditions I found a cool Salon Supply Store in Dublin called Sally's, where I found some AMAZING Bargains! I am going to share some of them with you know. 

I bought some China Glaze nail varnishes. I only recently heard about these brands but was not in a rush to try them as they were being compared to OPI and they can be expensive. OPI retails at around €13 in Ireland depending on the place. I am a firm believer that an expensive nail varnish does not always mean a good nail varnish. Anyway sorry for the tangent, but I found some of the China Glaze Nail Varnishes on sales in Sally's.

From left to right on top picture: Champagne Bubbles, Twinkle Lights & Poinsettia. 
I got this three in a set which cost approx €3 on sale

From left to right: Ring in the Red (cost €2 on sale) & Turned Up Turquoise (Neon) (cost €8 full price)

And here's a picture of them on (again sorry about the quality, still getting used to the camera):

Colours from left to right: Turned Up Turquoise, Poinsettia, Ring in the Red, Champagne Bubbles, Twinkle Lights 

I got most of the them sale as they were part of the Christmas collection, but the sale prices were so good with one nail varnish at just €2. However I did pick up one at full price as I fell in love with the color! I think the Turned Up Turquoise or Ring in the Red are my favorites, as Turned Up Turquoise is actually a Matte varnish (I didn't know this when I bought it but I do like it matte) and I have never owned a red glitter nail varnish before. I'm normally not a big fan of glitter nail varnishes as they take so long to take off but as the glitter is very fine and is actually mixed with  a red varnish color, i don't really have this problem (well compared to Twinkle Lights).

The picture above is with just one coat so the pigmentation of the varnishes is very good. So all in all I will definitely keep an eye out for the brand again and will probably try more colors.

Has anyone tried China Glaze Varnishes before? Let me know in the comments below. Talk soon.



  1. The turquoise is my favourite colour, that'll be perfect for summer!x

  2. Its so nice and lasts for a good few days <3


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