Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hauling It #2 - Benefit & Boots

my whole not gonna spend any money on make up for a while didn't work out as well as I wanted to it to. I ended up taking a bit of a break. I always find it difficult to throw away mascara after the 3 month period. When I find a product I love I just want to keep it. to make the process easier I thought I would treat myself and get a one I have been hearing a lot about over the last few few months. Benefits; They're Real.

The brush on this mascara  has rubber bristles and I normally don't like those but I may have been converted thanks to this brush! I find that they just put product on the lashes instead of coating the individual lases and you can end up with spider legs for lashes (which no body wants). I didn't have that problem with this brush. It separates the lashes and gives a slight false lash effect.

The formula always you to layer up the product to build length and volume to your lashes. From my own experiences I have have seen a difference. I don't know if it 90%  like the packaging says but there is definitely a difference. I would recommend this product if you are looking for a new mascara. If anyone has any other mascaras they would like to recommend I am looking for other ones to try!

Talk soon


P.S. Since I was getting mascara I decided to treat my self and get some pieces I have been eyeing up for a while :)

I've wanted to get the Japonesque Eyebrow brush for a while and the Japonesque brushes were on a special in boots a while ago (buy one get one half price). They are a bit expensive for the size but I love the angled eye brow brush. I'v never had a an eyelash comb so I picked that one up too. I really like them and they are the perfect make up bag size.

I also picked up the Rosebud Salve. it can be used on cuticles, hands, lips, elbow or anywhere else that has dry skin. I do really like this product , but and it's only a small but it was can a while to dry it and make your hands a little greasy. Again its hand for in your handbag.

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