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Dundrum Town Centre's 'Blogger in Residence' - Round 2

First of all I just want to say thank you to everyone who voted for me to get through into the second round. To be honest I really wasn't expecting it but it has made my week!! For this round things get a bit interesting as we have been given a brief to write a blog post of our Fall Accessories for Fall/Winter 2012. Well that's a bit like saying you can go to a sweet shop and have everything so I needed to give my post some structure as I am a girl with a lot of must have items in my closet. As I love Top Ten Anything's I decided to create my Top Ten Must Have Fall Accessories for 2012 and be warned you may be surprise with some of my must haves but if you take my advice you'll be glad you did.

Now I practically lived in Dundrum Town Centre for a few years as I used to work in Laura Ashely so some of the items I am showing you are not this season but they are all still on trend with what's appearing in the Fashion Magazines at the moment such as Tattle, Image, Elle UK and Vogue. That's the beauty about shopping smart, if you invest it will last more one season. (Best shopping advice I was ever given, well that and you can never have too much sparkle but that's a different Story). Now on with the show, enjoy the post and let me know what you think. P.S. Don't forget to vote if you enjoyed the read!!

Avril's Top Ten Fall Accessories for 2012

1. Anything Studded

Its a trend that has never seem to disappear, the punks claimed it as their own back in the 1980's but now the everyday fashionista have risen up and taken it back and I am in love. I adore anything studded and can't get enough of it and many high street brands are right along with me. You can get just about anything with studs now a days: That Leather Jacket you've been eyeing up, That little black clutch, the plain vest top and even high-heeled Shoes. Zara at the moment is on top of the studded accessories with bags, shoes and even Blazers. It's a rock girls dream! Have a look at some of their offerings with the link below in my Pinterest Board.

Here are some of my favourite Studded items in my wardrobe at the moment

I'm wearing a studded leather jacket in this picture. I picked it up in AWear about a year or so ago and it's back on trend. Berska are one of the many stores offering the studded leather jacket.  The ankle boots above it, I picked up in Penny's recently for about 22 euro. so comfy and go with everything. 

As I've said before Zara at the moment is on top of the studded accessories with bags, shoes and even Blazers. It's a rock girls dream! Have a look at some of their offerings with the link below. I've done a Pinterest Board for each of my Top Ten Accessories. I've scoured the internet looking at the websites of the shops that are in Dundrum Town Centre and pinned all of the accessories I liked (that were relevant to my Top Ten). Enjoy having a look through; this is probably my favourite board of Everything Studded!

What works best with studs? Well skulls of course!

The two skull bracelets are from Topshop about 11 euro each and the Studded bracelet is a Hair bobbin from H&M about 6 euro.

2. A Signature Scent

I've always wanted someone to stop in the street and say that smells like Avril or turn to a stranger and say you smell like my friend. Now I know it sounds odd but I would love to have a signature scent. I scent I'm known to wear and one that my friends refer to as mine. This season I am on the hunt for that signature smell. I think Fall is a great time to develop this as you don't have to compete with all the flowers like in Spring and Summer.

In the picture below is me holding what's left of my Amor Amor by Cacharel. I love this smell and it is very memorable. It's available from Boots. Go in and smell it today (sounds weird but it does smell so yummy) but I am in need of a new scent for a new season. 

I'm off to Boots to spend an afternoon smelling all of the classic to see if I'm more of a Chanel No. 5 or a Dior Poison to name a few. Try Harvey Nickolas, House of Fraser and Boots and have a look for these classics. The 10 Iconic Perfumes a girl should own.

3. The Perfect Arch

Now I know what your thinking, are eyebrows really an accessory? Well but they are very important, your brows fame your face and should not be forgotten about any time of the year. So this fall go to one of the many places in Dundrum Town Centre and invest, yes I said invest in letting a professional do the maintenance for you! Then get yourself to a good make up counter and get some eyebrow powder, a pencil or some wax. Talk to the make up artist about what kind of attention your brows need: for thinner brows you should definitely look into using a pencil but for fuller brows you just need some powder to fill them out and wax or gel to set. 

My favourite place to get my brows done in Benefit in House of Fraser as they tint and wax your brows in there and all of the girls are so lovely, and my favourite pallet is from Inglot. Go into any make up counter and they will match you up a colour that best suits your brows. Make sure you pick up a good (preferably synthetic) angled brush to apply the powder. It's the easiest way to apply it.

Check out this Board, its full of lots of different Brow Product as well as a Tutorial on how to dye your brows at home using a kit you can buy from Boots. If you want me to a tutorial on how I do my brows let me know! 

4. Boots made for walking...

An obvious choice I think but still very important. A great pair of boots has the power to make a women feel sexy even on her worst bed hair day. I think we all need to invest in a good pair of boots for this coming Fall, as we all know what the weather is like and it just brings you down with it. However the right pair of boots can bring you right up. Now what type of boots is up to you, just make sure you pick something warm, comfy and waterproof. Don't take any chances with the Irish weather. 

Now I've already shown you a picture of my favourite ankle boots this Fall 2012 in my First Accessories so it made sense to show you a picture of my favourite heeled boots as being a short girl I do love my heels!

My Board of utter Shoe Heaven, beware you may want everything inside, I know I do. My Dundrum Town Centre Shopping Wish List just keeps expanding!!

5. Doughnuts and Hairspray??

I am loving buns at the moment! Not the the cake but on your head ( I feel the eye rolling that is happening now! They are so easy to do and look so sleek and sophisticated. If, like me in the morning you struggle to do much pretty much anything go get your self a doughnut.

You just want to tie all your hair up in a pony tail on the top of your head and put the doughnut around the pony tail like so.

Put all your hair around the doughnut and put another bobbin around it. click any stray hairs into place and ad some hairspray and your done. Classic up-do is less than 5 minutes.

I got this doughnut from Boots; and they are ever so cheap and easy to use! a bun can glam a casual outfit or just ad the finishing touch for a night out. They're great for work; get rid of those pesky hairs in your eyes. With the schools starting back this week we all need to get up a bit earlier and a bun is a great way of doing your hair while still not losing those hard earned zzz's to get up ad make your self look presentable.

Feel free to spice up your bun with some accessories: hairbands, clips or funky coloured ends!This Pinterest Board is full of Bun Looks I love as well as a few tutorials to show you how to do different buns.

6. Get in touch with your inner Feline

Like studs I'm living all f the animal prints this season. Everyone knows the traditional autumnal colours: beige, brown, reds, greens, etc. Leopard print is an updated autumnal colour in my book and one I wear allot in this time of year. Now be careful not to over do it, you don't want to look like a leopard threw up on you, you just want a pop of print so go for shoes. a scarf or a bag. Something that catches the eye.

This Belt is from H&M, it was about 5 euro.

This bag was some Accessorize but you can get similar ones in Aldo, Zara and Berska. Leopard is everywhere. I just want everything in The Leopard Print Board!

 Now your not stuck to just leopard print; there's zebra, tiger and even snake. Be adventurous but not too wild (Ha, d'ya get it???) I feel your eyes roll as you all read this.

7. A Pocket Book/ Dairy

I feel like life starts again in the Fall, the schools are back and everyone comes out of the summer slump they were enjoying. With all these events coming up I really recommend investing in a small diary to keep in your handbag. I love writing things down and always carry either one of my Moleskin Notebooks or my Filofax around with me. I also love all the notebooks in Paperchase in House of Fraser.

Check out my Pinterest Board of Cute Diary's from Cath Kidson, Paperchase and Moleskin (Sold in Easons).

8. Make a Statement (with Jewellery)

I have been a lover of rings and things since I was very young so I needed to include some bling-tastic in my Top Ten Must Accessories for Fall 2012. I love rings as statement pieces but at the moment I am loving necklaces. I used to be a lover of long chains and layer them up but at the moment I'm all about a small statement piece that sits at the bottom f my neck. I've found one of the best places to get this type of jewellery piece is none other than Penny's. I don't know about you but I have shelling out loads for  costume jewellery only for it to tarnish after a few weeks, which is why I usually buy a lot of it from Penny's. Now I do love Accessories but that's for special occasions.

I got this bad boy from none other than Penny's for 5 wait for it euro! Bargain!! I do love my Penny's bling. Here are some pictures of items I can't wait to pick up. The Bling Board on Pinterest has a selection of some great jewellery offerings from many stores in Dundrum Town Centre.

9. Dance of the Seven Scarves

I love scarves! I always and I wear them throughout the year, I have my light scarves for spring and summer and my heavier ones for Fall and Winter. I think they are one of the best accessories that you can invest in as they can completely change an outfit, the right scarf can as I've said before change an outfit.
At this time of year they also serve a purpose and keep you warm!!

Check out my Pinterest Boards of Gorgeous Scarves available from many stores in Dundrum Town Centre such as AWear and H&M to name a few.

10. A suit of Armour - That Warm Winter Coat

A MUST in an Irish Fall. You never know what the weather is going to be like so take the time to shop around to find a good coat and invest. If you shop wisely it will last you a few seasons.Check out this bad boy I picked up back in Jan in River Island. My Nana was the one who talked me into getting and boy am I glad she did. The Bane Coat as my sister likes to call it.

Check out my Pinterest Board of Coats and Jackets I'm loving at the moment from H&M, Berska and many more!!

Well that was Top Ten Fall 2012 Accessories. I know some of them can be considered a bit unusual but that's just me! In all of the photo's featured I'm wearing a plain H&M Skater dress I picked up for 20 euro. I wanted to show that you can use my Top Ten Fall 2012 Accessories to dress up any outfit, including that little black dress in the back of your wardrobe.

Night Out with Top Ten Fall 2012 Accessories

Work Outfit with Top Ten Fall 2012 Accessories

Well those are all my Top Ten Fall 2012 Accessories and images to boot! Hope you had a look through my Pinterest Boards as well for inspiration and ideas before hitting up Dundrum Town Centre to shop. Don't forget that they have Fashion Shows this weekend to launch the Fall 2012 looks. There are Runway shows on at 12.30, 2.30 and 4.30 on the 1st and 2nd of September. Hopefully I will see you there!

I will leave you with some words of wisdom : Don't afraid to try something new or get creative, dressing up is meant to be fun!

Let me know what you think of my List! If you think I missed out on something please let me know.
Also if you do a Top Ten Fall Accessories List; Leave me a link in the comments below. I'd love to compare notes :)

Thanks for reading and please vote for me!
I've really enjoyed writing this and I hope it shows. I would love to get through into the next round
Round Three.

Love you all


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