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Dundrum Town Centre Blogger in Residence - Round 3

Welcome back! First off I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has voted for me up to this point! It's been amazing to get this far and I really want to go all the way now so please, please, please keep up all the support and hopefully I can make it into the final round! Only 3 bloggers are put through so I will need all your support! Ok enough begging, I'll get on to why you are really here! To see my blog post on the Fall for Fashion 2012 Catwalk show a.k.a. Round 3!!!

To learn more about what we had to do click this link here.

For this challenge we were required to attend one of the Catwalk Shows over the weekend (September 1st  & September 2nd). Being one of those Early Bird types I wanted to attend the first show which started at 12.30pm on Saturday September 1st and my lovely sister agreed to come with me. Now as I've said before I used to work in Dundrum Town Centre. I worked there for nearly 4 and a half years but I had never been able to attend the events that the Centre organises such as this fashion show, as they would normally be on when I was working. So it was safe to say that I was excited. Armed with my copy of Tattler ( I will talk about this a little later)  and my cameras, we set off for Dundrum. 

I made a small vlog with my sister with clips from the 'Fall For Fashion 2012' Catwalk Show. As I said in the vlog I brought 2 memory cards with me but one of them was full at about half way through the Catwalk Show so unfortunately I didn't get the whole show on video. I did take lots of pictures and you can see these on my Pinterest Account which I will link here and later on the blog post (most of the pictures will be on this post). This is my VERY First vlog and please bear that in mind when you watch it. I love watching vlogs; where someone is going somewhere and thought it would be a great idea to take you along with me! 

Let me know if you guys have any quick editing tips, as this was my first attempt at vlog :)

So I'm assuming some of you have watched the video at this stage of the blog, if not you should. Moving on, I'm just going to tell you about the show. We got there about 20 minutes before the show was about to start. I wanted to get there early so I had a good view for taking pictures and recording video. We were there so early we even got to the see the run through. That is where all of the models have a practise on the catwalk. It was good fun and you could see all the the models were in a great mood and really excited. They were having fun with their walks and a few even danced off the runway. It really pumped the crowd up for what was going to happen next. One of the organisers of the 'Fall for Fashion 2012' Catwalk Show came around the crowd and gave out copies of the running order of the Catwalk show. This was great as you could keep with the show and knew where all of the clothes shown were available to buy. Great for shopaholics like myself :)

On to the show itself

The Catwalk Show was broken down into five stories: 
(These are taken from the Running Line Up Given Out at the Show)

Coat Story: The Coat is the investment piece of the season so whether you are lusting after a pop of colour, coveting faux fur, hankering after a classic camel or fantasising about an embellished piece.

Here are some of the Photo's I took of this story

Military Parade: March out in style this autumn and make some smart military moves in cool khaki, elegant epaulettes, bold brass and unique utilitarian pieces cut with leather for the ultimate fashion uniform for Fall.

Here are some of the Photo's I took of this story

Jean Genie: Denim gets a make-over this Fall with Fun pops of colour, sumptuous brocade finishes, funky patterns and leather detailing. Denim is the prefect way to update your wardrobe for the new season. 

Here are some of the Photo's I took of this story

Lady like Chic: Fall in love with fashion this Autumn with feminine dresses, lady-like gloves and hats, accessorised to perfection with the perfect shoes and handbags for pulled-together outfits that will effortlessly take you from weddings to events and race meets this autumn.

Here are some of the Photo's I took of this story

Glam Nights' Party Wear: Make a statement after hours in rich embellishment, lavish embroidery and sultry sequins for a show stopping party outfit that will turn heads for all the right reasons.

Here are some of the Photo's I took of this story

I think my favourite story was the last one Glam Nights' Party Wear I'm just a sucker for a little bit of sparkle and some of the dresses were just to die for!! All of the models were from the Andrea Roche Modelling Agency. One of the models, Hannah, she was on Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model last season so I was a little star struck when I saw her and it was kinda cool to recognise her from the show. I really liked that the models in the Catwalk Show had different body shapes and were different ages. All the models looked really comfortable in the clothes too and the way the outfits were styled and accessorised, it just made me want everything. You really got the feel that the show was created for all ages, it highlighted what Fall 2012 in Dundrum Town Centre had to offer everyone. 

After the Show: 

After seeing the show I was all hyped up on an clothing overdose so I had a great idea. I would go try on some of the looks shown in the Catwalk show to see what they would look like on a non-model (safe to say at nearly 5'2" I am definitely not a model) so we went in search of some of my favourite looks. That running list we got at the start of the show really came in handy

tnfc London gold Sequin Dress €68 modelled by Adrienne in the Glam Nights'  Part Wear

Now I wouldn't normally walk into a show and see a gold sequin peplum dress and think to myself I'll try that on but it looked amazing on the model so when we went into House of Fraser, I went hunting to find it. The minute I put it on I had to have it. It fit me perfectly and highlighted my curves. Say hello to my graduation dress! I'm so happy I went to the show to see this dress on the model as if I didn't I don't think I would have even tried it on. 

So sticking with this theme 'trying on item I wouldn't normally' I went in search of more amazing clothing:

Marks & Spencer Green Autograph Coat €135 modelled by Adrienne (again) in Coat Story

I am not normally one to be drawn to non-neutral coloured coats, so even though this jacket is a dark shade of green, it wouldn't be something I would be drawn to in a store but once I put it on I really liked it. I have green eyes and the colour of this jacket went really well with my colouring. My sister was trying to talk me into buying it, which I took that as a good sign. What I really liked about this coat was that although it was part of the Coat Story in the Catwalk Show the button detailing on it means that it is also suitable for the Military Parade story. With one coat you are wearing two of this seasons trends. I think that's a bargain!! Don't you? 

Zara Leather Trim Coat €149 modelled by Pippa in Military Parade

When Pippa walked out wearing this jacket, my sister looked at me and said I'm in love!! I was too. It's structured coat and has a leather trim; its a piece that stands out and demands attention. There is also zip detailing on the sleeves. It would be a great coat for the upcoming Fall/Winter season as it is on trend and very warm. This coat is going to the top my wish list for Fall 2012. If I was to win the prizes, I know what one of the first things I'd pick with that gift card would be (hint this jacket).

Urban Outfitters Polka Dot Shirt €55 & Wine High Waisted Shorts €50 modelled by Danielle in Jean Genie

Again I really wasn't sure about how this outfit would look on me but again I really like it once I put it on. The shirt is a very fun and updated version of the classic denim shirt and can be worn with anything. The short actually have a bit of a stretch in them so they are very comfy. When we got home I was kicking myself for not buying this outfit and will be rushing back to Dundum Town Centre on a mission to get this look for the weekend!! Hopefully they still have my sizes!!! Fingers crossed!!

Now at the beginning of the blog I mentioned Irish Tattler. If you couldn't make it to any of the Fall for Fashion 2012 Catwalk shows (or if you really enjoyed them) you should run out and pick up a a copy of the Irish Tattler. Its only €2.10 and has a guide to the Fall Season with Dundrum Town Centre included. 

This is every fashion lovers dream, as the section opens the editor of Irish Tattler; Jessie Collins, taking the reader through her favourite pieces of Fall and Winter 2012 Collection of Dundrum Town Centre. The next stop the reader is taken through the different Trends of Fall/winter 2012 starting off in Gold Rush : a story of dazzling accessories. After that it's a stop over in True romance: accessories with a hint of whimsy in pastels and some embellished detailing. I don't want to go into too much detail about the section but at the end of it there is a photography story called 'Winter Games' which show cases the best of Fall/Winter 2012 Collections available in the centre. I just want to warn you that if you look at it, it may have a negative affect on your bank accounts as you will want EVERYTHING!!

At the end of the Dundrum Town Centre Section there is photo of 'The Capsule collection' and guess what I spotted in it! Look familiar? Told you it was on trend!

Well that brings us to the end of this blog post. I do hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!! I'll say it again please, please, please vote for me so I get into Round 4! I've so enjoyed doing all these blogs for Dundrum Town Centre's Blogger in Residence and I would hate to think that this is my last one. Voting opens on Tuesday the 4th of September at 4pm!!!!

I've already been working on my outfit for 'Look for Under €100' and if I was to get through into the final round I already have a good idea in mind. As voting closes on the 6th of September and the entrants to the next round are announced on my Birthday the 7th of September and I could think of nothing more I would want....well this or a puppy. So you all should vote me through as its cheaper than the second option!!

Thank you all and love you



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