Wednesday, 19 September 2012

OOTD #8 - A Friend's Birthday

I know I said in one of my last posts I would do an OOTN post about what I wore for my birthday but when I went and had a look at the pictures I took, they weren't great: shiny face, weird hair and weird camera angles. If you still want to see them post, let me know in the comments below and I will do the post anyway...eek. If you're sure :)

Anyway, it was one of my besties birthday during the week and she decided to go out last Saturday night to celebrate! We had a few drinks in her house and then headed off to The Village in a party bus taxi thing which was probably one of my favourite parts of the night! Think flashing lights, blaring music and some serious chair dancing!! I need to order one every time I go out from now on!! 

This is just a quick pot about what I wore out that night!! 

Skull Dress: Zara €50
Orange Heels: New Look €30 

I got the dress from Zara quite recently but the heels I got about a year ago. New Look tend to carry the same style of shoes from season to season but change the colours. I would really recommend their shoes, although they are very high, there is a platform in the front which makes them easy to walk in. 

You can't really see but I wore a spiked gold bracelet and black skull bracelet on my wrist. 

The pattern on the dress is skulls but they have a cute red bow on them. Also I love this peek-a-boo back that it has. I just added a small black bag and a black blazer of the dress and that was my outfit for the night. 

Now the Make up

Excuse my serious photo faces, I think I forgot how to smile

I decided to a red lip for the evening's festivities; I love statement lips but I usually stick down the more pink and purple end of the colour range but as there was red on my dress it made sense. 

My eye look was based on a tutorial I'd seen Pixiwoo do recently. One of their bond girl looks.
I used slightly different shades or grey and stuck with more purple toned colours than blue as I have green eyes and my liner wasn't as strong as theirs as I was wearing a stronger lip colour but you get the idea. 

I used my Naked 2 pallet for the eyes
Inglot Black gel liner 
Maybelline Flashies Mascara and some individual eyelashes for flare
MAC Fascinating in my waterline

Lips: MAC Russian Red

Cheeks: Nars Orgasm for blush
MAC Soft & Gentle MSF for Highlighter
Rimmel Bronzer 

Here's the link if you want to check it out: link

That's all for now!! Talk to you soon!! 




  1. Are you wearing fake tan? If so what one is it? It looks fab! xo

    1. Uess, I am wearing tan. I'd blind you with my white skin if I wasn't. I think I'm wearing Sally Hansen (make up for legs) all over in Medium. Its amazing but transfers on to clothes so don't wear it with things that are delicate to wash or white! x


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