Thursday, 21 February 2013

Get Naked with Urban Decay's Basics Pallet

Recently I picked up the Naked Basic Pallet - just what I needed, another eye shadow pallet. I can justify it though, I had an One 4 All voucher and well I just really wanted it. I adore brown eye shadows but I don't have a lot of mattes so I convinced myself that this was a must have item.

Venus - Frosty white shimmer
Foxy - matte cream highlight
WOS (walk of shame) - perfect nude base
Naked 2 - cool tone light brown
Faint - deep warm brown
Crave - brown black

I do love this pallet and I find myself reaching for it more than my other 2 Naked pallets (Naked & Naked 2). I can create a really simple day look with Foxy and WOS or create a classic smokey eye with Faint and Crave. Its the perfect size for any make up bag and the large mirror in the pallet is great for touch ups on the go. Also Faint works as an eye brow colour for me so its one less thing I need to carry around. I love multi-use products. 

However I do find the shadows can be a bit chalky, don't get me wrong they apply really easily and blend gorgeously onto the eye but the pallet itself does get a bit dusty from the excess powder. This wasn't something I noticed straight away, It wasn't until Donna from Not Just Inside pointed it out that I was aware of it. For me its not a huge issue but it is slightly annoying. 

From left to right: Venus, Foxy, WOS, Naked 2, Faint, Crave

All that being said I do really like this pallet and it has definitely become a firm favorite of mine since I got it in January. The damage is €26.50 and its available from all Urban Decay Counters and online. I would personally recommend the counter in Debenhams on Henry Street the girls are just so lovely there, they go above and beyond! 

I am aiming to either do a video or a look on my blog with this pallet soon. I work during the week and its very hard to take great pictures with the lighting in my room. I know excuses, excuses! I might sweet talk the boyfriend into taking some snaps of my face this weekend for you all! 

Have you tried this pallet, let me know what you think! Or what's your favorite eye shadows at the moment?




  1. I too was in the Debenhams on Henry St!! The lady on the counter showed me that little one, but as I felt like some new shiny nighttime colours I went for the bigger Naked palette. You'll have to show me how to use the colours together... so far I've used just 'Buck' in the day time >.<

    1. Oh I love that pallet too! I think the original Naked pallet is amazing! Try putting a little bit og Half Baked under your lower lash line with Buck. A metallic colour under the eye really opens it up but I will do a look with it for sure! xxx

  2. I love this palette - I think it's a great price too xo

    1. For 6 eye shadows its such good value :) x

  3. I wasn't able to comment yesterday, but I can now.... Great review xx

  4. There's a huge part of me that wants this but I'm pretty sure I have enough eyeshadows to literally last me for the rest of my life...

  5. I want this, new follower xx

    ide love it if you checked out my mac lipstick giveaway :)

    1. Aw thanks doll!! I will check it out now :)


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