Monday, 11 February 2013

Empties #4 - January 2013

I know we are already past the first week of February but I'm still going to do a blog post about my January Empties. I've been meaning to do this post for a while now as I've been storing up all the products I've finished (basically storing trash) so I could show you what I used up this month and I wanted to do a small review on them as well. I love the sense of accomplishment you get when you  finish off a product, especially when it was something you didn't really love but couldn't justify throwing out! That feeling is what inspired me to do this post. Well that and I'm so nosy I love reading other empties posts as well. Anyway on with the blog!! 

Beauty Empties

Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer: I had this in Naked the lightest shade. Its a great concealer for under your eyes as this shade had a pinky base to cover those dark circles. It can be used as a highlighter as well as is it so light. I'm not sure if I would repurchase as I love the Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector and at about 7 euro it was definitely worth the price. 

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium I got this a shade too dark for my skin tone but it was a good powder. It set my foundation and did the job but I feel that all powders are the same. I don't know if I can justify spending 20 odd euro on a powder when you can get ones for under a tenner in Boots. If you can recommend a good powder let me know! 

MAC Lip Conditioner: This is my third tube of this and I love. Its a great lip balm and really conditioning. Again they're are really good lip balms for way less (Burt's Bees for one) but if you want to treat yourself I do really recommend this. It was one of the balms I reached for most over the winter months. 

Skin Care Empties

Boots Botanics Clay Mask: I talked about this mask in one of my first post last year which I will link here. It was a good mask and I could feel the difference in my skin after I used it. however I did think it was a bit drying around my sensitive areas and it was very messy to rinse off. 

Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream: I saw Julie talk about it ages ago and as I was having dry skin at the time I picked a tube up. This is my second tube of this moisturiser and while I do really like it and will repurchase it again I feel that it doesn't last very long. Many I am too generous with it but I only get over a month out of a tube. 

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser: I got this when I purchased the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and Skin Tonic. It was part of their monthly essentials special offer. I opted for Normal/ Combination Skin but I should have picked up the Dry/ Sensitive one. I thought this was ok, it did the job but | wasn't blown away. I do love the cleanser and the toner in this range though. 

Dove Maximum Protection in Pomegranate: I know it is probably a bit weird to include a deodorant in my empties but I really liked this. I thought it worked really well for me and it was quite moisturising. I was gutted when I went to pick up another one they other day and they were sold out. It my favourite deodorant at the moment. 

Hair Empties

Superdrug Dry Shampoo: You tried one dry shampoo you tried them all but Supredrug's offering is half the price of Batiste and just as good. The only problem is that its hard to get one as the only one near me is in the Square. 

Vo5 Miracle Mist: I got this ages ago and when I finished up my Aussie Leave in Conditioner this tied me over until I culd pick up another one. I am very fussy about leave in conditioners as they tend to leave a residue in my hair and I get the icky feeling like I didn't wash my hair properly. This was no different. I will be sticking to Aussie from now on. 

Clariol Nice and Easy Brunette Colour Gloss: I love this. I use this as a hair treatment for my coloured hair once a week. They are so cheap at about €2 in Boots and you get about 3 treatments out of it. It lxeaves your hair feeling super soft and looking ultra shiny. 

Random Empties

Vaseline Hand & Nail Cream: Again I talked about this in one of my first posts. This was a great hand cream - absorbed into your skin without that tacky feeling & the tube lasts ages! I'm not sure if I would pick it up again as I like to mix up my hand creams. 

Charlie Pink Body Spray: I usually have a body spray in my gym bag for after a workout. I love this scent of this. I used to wear it all the time when I was a teenager. Ah memories. 

Harajuku Lover's Perfume in Music: I picked this up last year for about €6 in Boots as they were being discontinued. It had a really fresh and sweet scent. The perfect handbag size for nights out. 

Well that's all of my empties from this month. I am trying to use up alot of products that I have sitting around as a step to prevent me shopping. We will see how I get on. Do you 'empties' posts? Let me know I love reading them!



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