Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Empties: #4 - Late February 2013

I am probably a little bit too late with this post but on with the show for my belated February Favourites. As I mentioned in my latest post I am only really getting back into the swing of things now after a family bereavement last week. So bare with me as I have a few posts I need to catch up. Recenetly I have been trying to cut down on my purchasing and use up a lot of products I have stocked up so I ended up with a lot of Empties for February - shocking as its the shortest month of the year!!

Hair Care

L'oreal Elnett Satin Heat Protection spray: I picked up both the Curly and Straight versions in Boots back in December instead of my usual Tresemme Heat Styling Spray as it was 2 of the L'oreal for €12. It was good but I don't think it lived up to its claim of holding the style for 3 days. Still have to get through the straight one before I can go back to my beloved Tresemme!!

L'oreal Elvive Full Restore (5) Instant Miracle: I read about this a while ago on and when I passed it on the shelf in Superdrug I threw it in my basket and I've used this once a week since then. It is a hair mask that works all of its magic in 60 seconds!! Perfect for those days when your in a rush.

Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume: I hated this, it make my hair tacky and straw like. I've had it on the back of my shelf since I bought and I couldn't justify throwing it away until I used it up. The best way I found to use it was when I was wearing my hair up so you couldn't really see what it did to my hair.

L'oreal Preference High Shine Conditioner: I put one of the L'oreal Wild Ombre Home Hair Dye kits in my hair and got this conditioner with it. It was a 6 week high shine conditioning treatment and I loved it. It left my hair silky smooth and it felt very protected after the harsh dyes. Gutted you can't buy it on its own.

Superdrug Chocolate Brownie Dry Shampoo: I usually have one or two different dry shampoos on the go. One normal and one in a dark brown as my roots are a chocolate brown colour. I find the Superdrug offerings are just as good as the Batiste counter parts and half the price. The only downside is that Superdrug is harder to get to...

Skin & Body Care

Aveeno Skin Relief: Again another inspired purchase. I wanted a hydrating moisturiser for the colder months and this sounded like it would do the job. Although it was great and I did see an improvement on my skin, I didn't really like the smell of it. 

Palmers Firming Coco Butter:  This is a firm favourite of mine and I have repurchased it a number of times. I usually get it from Pennys at its only €8. I prefer this to the original Palmers Coco Butter as the smell of coco isn't as strong. 

Liz Earle Eye Bright Soothing Eye lotion: I wear contact lenses and I have dry eyes so I'm drawn to  anything that boost soothing possibilities for the eye area and I love everything I've tried from Liz Earle. It can be used as a quick pick me up or soak 2 cotton pads and relax for 15 minutes with them on your eyes. I love doing that when I'm putting a face mask on.Thankfully I already have a back up on the shelf. 

Make Up

Inglot Creme Foundation: I wasn't mad about this foundation. I found it separated on my skin and didn't have a good lasting power. I kept this in my make up bag for touch up on the go. I love most Inglot products but I have not really got on with any of their foundations. 

Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation in True Ivory: I loved this foundation but I picked up a colour 2 shades too dark. I could only wear it when I had some tan on. I can't wait to run back to Boots and pick up another one. With Boots 3 for 2 offer at the moment, it won't be the only thing I pick up. 

Harajuku Lover's Perfume in Music: Similar to last month, I picked this up about a year ago in Boots when they were being discounted. I loved them for nights out as the size was so handy. 

Do you do am Empties post? Leave me a link if you do. I love reading them!!



  1. The Batiste XXL is a hard one, definitely gives loads of volume but the downside is the whiteness and tackiness!

    1. I know, I really like using the volume dust things at the moment instead. I find they're easier to manage x


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