Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Some Summer Zest from Ziaja and Roger & Gallet

So its been a few days since my last update, I was doing so well. I was inspired by all of the lovely girls from the #IrishBBlogger chat last night to get back on the horse!

Today I wanna talk about some body lotions that I have been loving recently. I love body lotions/ butters/ creams. I use once at least once a day – always after a shower to lock in moisture, most evenings before bed and sometimes again in the morning depending on how my skin is feeling. Coming into summer I like to use scents  (perfume, body creams, etc) that have a more floral or zesty smell and the two body creams I’ve been using lately fit this bill.

The first is Ziaja Body Lotion. This range of body lotions have been designed to tackle a number of skin problems from pesky cellulite to dry skin skin. I have been using the Orange Butter Body  Lotion*. This lotion has an orange base that actively tightens and tones the skin. While cellulite isn’t a huge issue for me at the moment I can see it starting on the back of my legs. I am using this lotion as apreventative measure and its just a bonus that it smells so good. I love using this after a shower to lock in the moisture on my skin.

Not only is there 4 different types of lotions, there work out at €5.99 (very affordable). Ziaja is available from pharmacies nationwide or you can order directly from Original Beauty.

The second lotion I’ve been loving is from Roger & Gallet ‘Lait Des Bienfaits’*. I like to use this lotion at night before bed to give my skin another surge of moisture. I duon’t know about you but my skin can get quite dry in the warmer months. This lotion is infused with blood orange fragrance and has a different smell to the Ziaja offering but both are lovely.  Lait Des Bienfaits also contains five red berries, aloe vera,  kiwi extract and ginseng extract. Each ingrdient works to hydrate and soften your skin.

Roger & Gallet’s Lotion is €14.75 for 200ml  and available from M&S beauty halls and pharmacies nationwide.

What’s your favourite lotion to useduring the summer? Have you tried either of these?


*PR sample.


  1. Ah yeay glad you enjoyed the chat! These both sound lovely! I'm actually obsessed with Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush body lotion at the moment, it's incredible!

    1. I've heard so many good things about it - must give it a o after these x


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