Monday, 22 July 2013

A safe way to tan!

I apologise for my lack of blogs, tweets,etc as of late. I recently started anew job and it has taken some time to settle in. I'm there a few weeks now and am finally ready to back to blogging after an unexpected break. 

If you saw my last post (which I will link here) I talked about some of my favourite sun screens at the moment. I'm very concerned about not getting burnt and taking care of my skin but that doesn't mean that I don't want to get a colour. I'm a big fan of fake tans, especially during the summer. I don't have the time to sit in the sun and I don't want to blind anyone with my ghostly pale legs so its a win-win situation. 

I find myself reaching for 'build up' tans instead of instant recently. Although they do take approx 8 hours to fully develop (and sometimes you can have unwanted streaks) they look more natural and don't rub off on everything you touch. Here are two I've been using a lot over the past few weeks. 

I was really surprised how much I liked this self-tan. Its a moisturising lotion that claims to give your skin 8 hours of hydration. I love to use this just after a shower to lock in the moisture into my skin and give it a bit of a colour. The tan itself is a very natural golden colour that doesn't have that orangey hue that some tanners can have. 

Bonus it doesn't have a strong burnt biscuit smell. I like to use this on the upper part of my body - arms, face, etc as the colour is that perfect golden brown. It doesn't appear on the skin straight away but it's fully developed after a few hours. 

Dove Summer Glow + Soft Shimmer
The Dove Summer Glow has a deeper colour compared to the Vicky Capital Soleil so I actually prefer to use this on my legs. As it has a bit of shimmer in the lotion its gives your legs a nice shine. While it does have a slight biscuit smell, its not too strong. This is another reason why I prefer to use this on my legs. 

The lotion itself is a non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly into the skin. The colour itself takes a few hours to fully develop. I like to apply this in the evening before bed and have a quick shower in the morning to wash off the excess and that slight burnt biscuit smell. 

Both of my picks have a moisturising quality and this is due to the fact that my skin gets a bit dry during the summer months so I am drawn to more hydrating products. I would recommend both of these if you are in the marketing for a new self-tan. Vichy's offering works our at about €17 while Dove's is about €8. Although it costs a bit more I would have to say Vichy is my favourite of the two. The colour is lovely and its just so easy to put on. 

Have you been self tanning over the last few weeks? What's been your favourite self tan to use? 



  1. Have to say I'm usually an instant tan kinda girl for occasions and go pale any other time but tried Cocoa Brown the first time the other day and I'm hooked! X

    1. I do love Coco Brown. One of my favourites x

  2. looking forward to try the dove tan! :) x

    1. It's really nice, I love the bit of shimmer

  3. Hope the new job is going well! I am very lazy with self tanning but hear good things about this Dove one xo

    1. Yeah, really liking it and its keeping me busy. It's great and really easy to use. Just remember to wash your hands after it x


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