Monday, 5 August 2013

Brush Loves - Nima Elite Kabuki Set

I talked about recently about my new love of the Nima Mitt, review can be found here. When I placed my order from for the mitt. I also treated myself to some of the new collections of brushes 'Elite Collection'. These were still on the introductory price offer when I picked them up so I couldn't say no.

I got the 3 piece Elite Kabuki set that includes a flat head kabuki, a round head kabuki and contour Kabuki. 

Flat head: This reminds me of the Real Techniques Buffing brush but its slightly wider. Its great for liquid foundations or even packing on a bit of powder. It takes mere moments to work the foundation into the skin with this bad boy! 

Round head kabuki: I love to use this for cream blushes and highlighters. It's perfect for the new Bourjois blushes. It really picks up the colour and blends it evenly onto the skin. This is probably my favourite brush out of the three.

Contour kabuki: I like to use this for both cream and powder contours. For cream its perfect with the Soliel Tan De Chanel. It blends the product in as your applying it so you don't end up with harsh lines. Instead you have a very natural contour. 

Not only were the brushes excellent value but the lovely Niamh actually dropped them into my house to ensure I got them as soon as possible. Best customer service I ever had when ordering online. I would really recommend Nima if your in the market for some new brushes, great value and they just love lovely to boot!!

Have you tried Nima? Are you in love too?



  1. I'm so in love with the rounded kabuki - especially for cream blushes!!! x


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