Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Smells like Summer - Roger & Gallet Eau Sublime Or

I don't know about you but I have been really missing the sun the last week or so. You just get used to it and it disappears on us, gutted! One of the ways I've been trying to pep myself back up is by getting ready each morning as if it still was the Summer - sad I know but it makes the morning easier. 

I've been slapping on some tan in case I want to show off my pins, making sure I've got some sun screen on and selecting a nice summer scent. In steps Roger & Gallet Sublime Or Collection*. I've only recently been introduced to the wonders of Roger & Gallet and so far I've loved everything I've tried and this collection is no different. 

The perfume and the lotion both contain some gold flakes of shimmer so they add some sparkle to your everyday look. I like to apply the lotion on my collar bone and legs ( on top of some tan) to give my skin a nice sheen. 

I'm loving this scent and while its not summy outside right now, the smell just reminds me of the sun and being away in a hot country. The top notes of Mermamont, Mandarin and Orange give it a citrus scent that just reminds me of summer. The lotion has a blend of oils that blend into the skin easily and leave your skin feeling soft but not greasy. What more could you want in a lotion? 

What's been your perfume of choice recently?
Are you missing the Sun as I am? 



  1. I adore R&G fragrances, and body oils and soaps!!! Ok I adore everything from this brand! Nice Review doll!

  2. I love the smell of these, I have the body and hair oil and I adore it

    1. As in multi-purpose oil?? Tell me more x

  3. Roger and Gallet fragrances are pretty much the bomb - there isn't a single one I haven't liked!


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