Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Start the morning with a bit of Luxury - Merumaya Luxury Face Wash

Everyone finds one thing to ease the struggle of getting out of bed - one of my little treats in the morning is this Luxury Face Wash from Merumaya*. I was lucky enough to attend a breakfast with Maleka, the creator of the brand. She wanted to create a brand that uses ingredients that effectively work for your skin. 

Merumaya is Intergrative Effective Skin Care. It uses the best of natural ingredients and integrates them with scientific advances. The products are created from the best of both worlds so you know that they are the bomb! (cringe, yes I just said it). 

I've been using the Luxury Face Wash for a few weeks now and I love it. You are recommended to use the Manual Cleansing Brush with this product but I'll come back to that in a second. The face wash itself has a gel consistency and its specifically designed for those suffering from blemishes. I have been using this both morning and evening, as part of my skin care routine. Its great in the morning to refresh and wake up your skin but not too drying or harsh. In the evening, it follows my much loved Bioderma - after all my make up has been removed I use this to get rid of all traces of dirt and make up from that day. 

The Manual Cleansing Brush has also become a fast favourite and I've been using it with all of cleansers (gel and cream based) and even to remove face masks. It so soft on the skin and gives it a very gentle exfoliation. It's not too harsh on the skin and leaves your face feeling lovely and soft. Great way to start the day. 

I've been loving this cleanser and am dying to try the Melting Cleansing Balm - its the next purchase on my wish list. I've heard wonderful things of it melting onto the skin and with a rinse all of the dirt and grime from the day are gone. Merumaya is available from the Arnotts website and Merumaya website. 

What's your go to cleanser at the moment? 
 Have you tried any of the Merumaya range?



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    1. I would really recommend it. The brand has really impressed :)


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