Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Inglot Store Opening: Flagship Store on St. Ann's Street

First off - I took an unexpected break from blogging. I was in Paris a few weeks ago and things were a bit hectic before I left and when I got back/ I didn't have my blogging mojo but now its back and I'm ready to tell you all about some wonderful news - the new Inglot flag ship store in St. Ann's Street Dublin.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch last Friday night and to say I was looking forward to it was an understatement. Inglot quickly become one of my favourite brands when I worked in Dundrum, nearly every Saturday and Sunday I would be down on my lunch break making a sneaky purchase.

Wall of Nail Varnish - apologies for the blurry snap, I was very excited 

Trio of toners

All of the eye shadows

The store in Blanchardstown was the previous flagship store but as I'm a south-sider it was just that little too far to get too - the whole not being able to drive thing can really be a hindrance. Now that the store has moved to the city centre it will be more accessible to a lot of people.

When you walk in you are first greeted by a colourful wall of nail varnish to the left and an array of eye shadows to the right  - a make up junkies heaven. The store will also stock some pro products and other bits that you haven't seen before in other stores. One thing that really caught my eye are these toners - three different variations for different skin types. Very much looking forward to picking one of them up.

There are spaces down by the tills for make up lessons and make overs. The price list for these is really reasonable - for €30 you get a make up lesson and its redeemable against products.

Cheeky Selfie upstairs in the store, just look at the make up counter and lovely new powders in the picture below

Upstairs is another space for make up lessons, it will be used for events such as make up parties and demonstrations. There we lots of demo's going on on the night taking you though the different products available and the application process.

After a wander around the store, I decided to treat myself to a new eyeshadow pallet and with the lovely Dani's help from Glamour Nazi, I picked up some really pretty shadows. The girls working on the night although they were really busy, they were more than willing to help.

I have a voucher for Inglot that I forgot to use on the night so I can't wait to head back in and pick up some more bits.

Have you been to the new store yet? Are you also in love?



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