Thursday, 7 November 2013

Blush Crush - Review of Bourjois Cream Blushes

I love cream blushes and while they are traditionally a Summer product I'm a big fan of them for the winter months because of their lasting power. They are also great for work as they really last a day on me. I am lover of all things Bourjois and have been obsessed with their cream blushes for a while. There are 4 blushes in the range and I have 3. 

01 NudeVelvet: The perfect nude blush, it adds colour with out adding colour - if that makes sense. It gives your face a glow and suits most people skin tone. This is the perfect colour if you are doing a heavy eye and bright lip look and want to create some definition in your face without a heavy contour. As it is a bright colour it will lift the cheeks and brighten the face without the need of a bronzer and a highlighter. 

02 Healthy Glow: This is a bright coral. Orange has slowly become one of my favourite shades in lipsticks and nail varnishes and now even blush. It just adds the perfect pop of colour with out going over the top. This is the colour I have this on in the picture above. 

03 Rose Tender: This is the perfect pink to suit most people's skin tone. It gives your cheeks that much sought after natural flush that we strive for at this time of year. It isn't a very bright pink so it will suit with most looks you are creating.

The texture of the blushes are very smooth and when applied to the skin they have a powder finish. My favourite way to apply them is with either my round Nima brush or the RT Multi-Task Brush. I like to pat it on just after the apple of my cheek. You can see where I mean in the picture above. While these blushes are very pigmented if you feel like you have applied too much just blend it out with your foundation brush! You can't really go wrong. They are also handy for on the go touch up as they have a small little mirror in the packaging. 

These are available from most Bourjois stands and retail for approx. €10.50. Also just to note that Boots are currently having a 3 for 2 offer across all cosmetics. Great news for beauty lovers but bad news for my purse.

Have you tried these blushes? Are you obsessed too? 



  1. They look lovely, specially No 2. I hold off buying them as they seemed quite small and pricey compared to the Topshop ones for example. Knowing me thought, ill probably get them :).

    1. I actually prefer these to the Topshop blushes. They have a longer lasting power but I do love the Topshop blushes too x

  2. I haven't tried any of the Bourjois cream blushes but they look pretty, especially 01. I have a long list of Bourjois products I want to try. Hoping my Boots points add up over Xmas & I can make some cheeky purchases

    1. I know, there is always something I want from the brand!!

  3. Love these blushes, I only have one which I really ought to fix.. Your make up is super pretty in that picture btw! x


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