Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Let's Play Dress Up - OOTD #12

So I know its over but I couldn’t let Halloween pass without putting up a quick post about my costume. We were having a team night out in my agency on Halloween night and costumes were mandatory! The term work hard, play harder comes to mind. 

I recently attended an amazing Inglot Master Class where the very talented Jessica taught us how to create skeletons looks. One using cream products and one using powders - see the pictures below. The pro team in the St. Ann’s store are amazing with what they are able to do. If you need a look or if you ever have a costume party I can’t recommend them enough. 

I was inspired to dress up as Little ‘Dead’ Riding Hood. I already had the little Red Riding Hood costume so I just needed the make up. I turned half my face into a skeleton using the tips and tricks I had picked up from Jessica. The lovely Sinead then back combed my hair until it stood on end and I added some ears for fun. 

For the skeleton half of my face all I used was white concealer, which I picked up from Inglot. I really liked using concealer instead of face paints as it wasn’t as heavy on the skin so I didn’t have any issues with breakouts the following days. I used matte black and white eye shadows to create the eye and mouth and then went back in with black gel eye liner to deepen and define everything. The great thing about this look is that while it didn’t exactly turn out like how I wanted it to, it was still very cool. You can afford to be a little messy when creating something like this. 

But the very best thing about this whole look is that a little bit of Bioderma on a cotton pad removed EVERYTHING. No intense scrubbing or hash soaps were needed. Which was handy after a night out on the town. Phew!! My hair on the other hand took about 20 mins gentle brushing to bring it back down to a normal volume. I still think it’s not fully back to normal. but bigger is always better :) 

Did you dress up this year? I would love to know when you dressed up as! 



  1. Your outfit and makeup is such a great idea, great job!


    1. Aww thanks so much! I love halloween x


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