Friday, 1 November 2013

New Brush Additions - Crown Brush

Crown is a very popular brush brand with the beauty blogger community. I feel like I am late to the game as these are the only three Crown Brushes I have. I picked them up at the Pro Beauty Show during the Summer but am only starting to really appreciate them now.

BK9 Deluxe Oval Foundation Brush: I was never a big fan of flat foundation brushes but I really wanted one for my collection. They are handy for applying cream contours and highlighters. This brush is really nice to use and applies cream products easily on to the skin. I have even used this brush to apply cream blushes. 

BK42 Bullet Crease: I have wanted one of these type of brushes for a while. They are great for inner corner highlights, smudging out shadow on the lash line and applying strong contours in the crease. This one small brush does so much. 

BK22 Brow/ Lash Groomer: I'm only recently appreciating how wonderful lash combs are! They can be used in lashes and the eyebrows. No more clumps! So handy to have in your make up on the go. 

What brushes from Crown would you recommend I try next? 



  1. I only have one crown brush, it's the bullet one you mention here, I love it

  2. I had a whole set of them and really wasn't impressed :( The fall out from them (even two years later) was ridiculous! I'm now a Blank Canvas Cosmetics convert! x

    1. Really? I had that issue with BCC brushes. x


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