Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Vichy Idealia Life Serum - Can it change you life in just 8 days?

I recently blogged about some skincare products to keep your skin hydrated during the winter months - link here. Another issue I face is dull lackluster skin and I am always looking looking for the something to my brighten skin and give it a bit of 'umph'.

I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the new Vichy Idealia Life Serum* back in September. This serum claims to change your life in just 8 days, and is it true? Well yes I think it is. I took part in the 8 Day Challenge back in September. The beauty bloggers that took part used Idealia Life Serum both in the mornings and evenings as part of ourskin care routine. We also had to open an envelope a day to view Vichy's suggestion for making your day fun.

The main premise of this serum is that it works with you and your life. It actively works to fight problems your skin faces on a daily basis from pollution to stress and lack of sleep to a bad diet. In 8 days of using this product you should see improvements to your skin quality and tone. After using it for the full recommended 28 days the improvements would be much greater. The best part is that if you stop using the serum, the improvements will stop where they are and level off. It won't reverse back. 

As I said I took part in the 8 Day Challenge and used Idealia Life serum everyday. I even took some of Vichy suggestions - the dancing around my room on a Monday morning to some 80's classics was one of my favouties. If your interested to see how we got on sear the hashtag  #livealittle.

At the end of the 8 days my skin was a lot brighter and my breakouts had improved. Its worked its way into my morning routine and still remains a favourite. I didn't actually realise that the 8 Day Challenge was also a competition and a few weeks later I was informed that I had won :). The lovely voucher from the Paula and the team will be going towards my Christmas Shopping. I'm sharing the joy of #livingalittle

There is also a moisturiser* and a BB cream* as part of the Idealia Range. I love to use the moisturiser as part of my morning routine as its its not too heavy for under foundation. I use the BB cream on those good skin days. It has a nice consistency and blends evenly onto the skin. The pictures above show what the BB looks likes on the skin, while it is light it does give a good coverage. 

The serum retails for about €34.50 and is available from most pharmacies. Have you tried Idealia Life Serum or any of the Idealia range? 



  1. Hi Avril, can you tell me what the serum feels like on the skin, it doesn't leave a film of product or anything like that does it? Hate the way some serums do..!

    1. It has move of a creamy texture and absorbs like a moisturiser so you don't have that residue left behind.


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