Wednesday, 4 December 2013

An ode to Cocoa Brown

I am wearing Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan in this picture. 

I am wearing Cocoa Brown Day and Night here. 
(The light washed out the left leg so it looks like I've nothing on, but I do)

I recently talked about my favourite tan at the moment Karora Luxury Express Mousse and well it wouldn't have been fair to talk about tans without mentioning my first love which is Cocoa Brown. Yes I had used other tans before I meet Cocoa Browns 1 Hour Tan Moue but they anything to write home about. This is where my love affair with bronzing started. 

As the Cocoa Brown tans have a mousse formula, they apply on to the skin easily and absorbs quickly without leaving streaks. The 1 Hour Tan does exactly what it says on the tin and after an hour you have a light glow, 2 hours a tan and 3 hours its fully developed to a chocolate brown that suits your skin tone. The tan stops developing after 3 hours so I usually apply it before bed and rinse the excess off in the morning. The best part is that there is not burnt biscuit smell, in fact the smell is almost floral. 

The 1 Hour Tan has lasted on my skin for about 4/ 5 days before I needed yo scrub it off and start again. The colour you get from the tan adapts to the pigments in your skin so it will still look natural 

Soon after 1 Hour Tan changed my life I was introduced to her sister Night and Day! Who doesn't love a tan that is a double - tan for night out and a light glow for the next day? You apply it on the day you want and it will give you a lovely bronzed colour and then in the morning after that much needed refreshing shower the excess tan is rinsed off and you are left with a healthy glow that will make you look fresh faced and ready for the day. 

There are two other products to the Cocoa Brown range that I am looking forward to trying - Tough Stuff is an exfoliaing scrub that removes even the toughest of tans and the newly released Chocolate Whip an oil free body moisturiser that works to extend the life of your tan.

The best part about Cocoa Brown is that it was created by the always lovely Marissa Carter, a very inspiring Irish business women. Sh owns and runs Carter Beauty in Blackrock and created the much loved Cocoa Brown from the ground up. She recently won Start-Up of the Year in the Image Business Women of the Year Awards. You will also see Cocoa Brown appearing on an Aer Lingus flight near you! 

Both tans retails for approx. €7.99 and are available from Penny's, most pharmacies, Boots and even Tesco. Never fear if you are in the UK its also available from Superdrug. 

So that's my ode to Cocoa Brown, are you enjoying these tans as much as I am? 



  1. Thanks for the lovely blog post Avril! We're thrilled you like our Cocoa Brown products so much! Sarah (Cocoa Brown Brand Manager) xx

  2. Love it, dont use any other tans :)

  3. Love it, dont use any other tans :)


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