Monday, 6 January 2014

A Hair Dextox - Naturalmente

After all of the fun over Christmas I am definitely in need of a detox so I'm off the booze for January and trying to eat healthier. If you've checked out my recent post on the #DayZeroProject, I've listed all my 101 Goals in 1001 Days.  And as my body is going through a detox it's only fair that my hair should have one too. 

Recently I’ve tried a new brand call Naturalmente* who offer natural hair care products. They are designed to look after both the scalp and the hair to deliver a product that works and cares for your head as a whole. I have the Rosemary and Lavander Purifying and Detoxing Shampoo* and the Conditioner with Fruit Acids, Detangling and Moisturising*.

According to the press release all Naturalmente products are free from Parabens, Sulfate and synthatic perfumes. The products themselves are vegetarian friendly, not tested on animals and created from ingridients that are sustainably sources. Even the packaging is biodegradable and made from materials that if you burn them they won't emit toxins.  But do they work? 

Well I thought that they did a really good job! 

I really liked using the shampoo. I use a lot of volumising products in my hair and these can have a built up of grit which isn’t always easy to wash out. This shampoo easily worked into a lather and felt really refreshing on my scalp and worked on getting the build up out of my hair. As this is a detoxing shampoo, I wouldn’t use it every day but once a week as a treatment. 

The conditioner does exactly what it says on the tin and felt really moisturising and hydrating in my hair. My hair is quite long at the moment and tangles very easily so I dread brushing it through after a shower. This has a detangler built into the formula and I found it much easier to brush through my hair after rinsing the product out.

After I had dried and styled my hair I noticed how shiny it was and it felt really light weight and soft. As I colour my hair a lot, I love the feeling of soft hair. After using these products, the girls in work were convinenced I had dyed my hair as the colour looked brighter. The formulas are suitable for coloured hair as they are sulphate free. 

The only downside is that Naturalmente can be hard to source. While it can be order online, the websites don't deliver directly to Ireland. So you can set up a Parcel Motel account and order from Gentle Body Care. Or it you can buy it directly from Vaughan Salon in Limerick. The shampoos and conditioners retail for approx £9 for 250ml or £2.60 for 50ml. While the prices are a little higher than I would normally for shampoo because of all of the ingredients are sustainably sourced and the packaging is environmently friendly I don't really mind paying out a little more. I will definitely be picking up another one of the shampoos when I'm finished with this one. 

Are you detoxing this January? Let me know how your getting on.



  1. These sound lovely. Im ALL about hair stuff at the moment

    1. I know, I go through phases and right now I'm obsessed.

  2. These sounds really good! Always looking for good hair products, I will have to look into getting these!! :)


    1. I would really recommend them and they do have quite a selection.

  3. Lovely to find natural hair products that really work! X

    1. I was pleasantly surprised. They really did brighten my hair.


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