Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bargain Buys - NYC Colour Instinct Eyes Shadow Palettes

I know today isn't one of my allotted days to upload a  blog post but I've been on such a roll and this is ready to go up so I thought I would upload it. 

Everyone loves a good eye shadow palette and more importantly everyone loves a good bargain. I recently discovered that not all of the best palettes have to cost a fortune. Enter NYC. They have amazing quads of eye shadows in range of colours to suit everyones skin tone and eye colour and the best part? They are only about €4.50

I've had my eye on these palettes for a while but the ones that I wanted were always sold out. When I finally saw them in a Chemist on Dame Street Dublin, I stocked up. I got 'Cupcakes and Coffee', a lovely pix of pinks and purples and 'Picnic in Central Park', a lovely mix of neutrals. 

'Picnic in Central Park' is the one I have on in the pictures above. This was my first experience with NYC eye shadows, I've tried their lipsticks and nail varnishes before and really liked them. True to form these palettes didn't disappoint either. The texture of the shadows is velvety soft and they are very pigmented. They apply and blend easily and the colour pay off is great. All in all for €4.50 you can't really go wrong. 

I'll be keeping an eye out on these shadows and might have to pick up a few more palettes. 

Have you tried NYC Colour Instinct Eye Shadow Palettes? 



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