Sunday, 19 January 2014

Beauty Bloggers made me do it #2 - Nuxe & Kardashian Beauty

I think all beauty bloggers use other blogs to justify purchases or to research on what's the next thing that they NEED to pick up, well I do anyways. I did a ' Bloggers Made Me Do It' post a while ago, that featured some goodies from Illamasqua, the post is linked here. The entire purchase was inspired from reading about the products on other blogs. 

The post was well received so I thought I would do another edition, featuring products I've heard about from So Sue Me. I've been reading Suzanne's blog for a good while now and I love her reviews. Although after reading them I find myself needing to pick up the products. Here are two I did end up getting. 

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or - This similar to the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Usage Dry Oil but has an added shimmer. It's a multi-use oil that can be applied to the body and the hair and even the face. I bought this on Suzanne's recommendation. She applies this on top of fake tan to add some sparkle for nights out and special occasions. I apply it with my tanning mitt, directly on to the skin. Not only does it add some extra shimmer but it also keeps my skin hydrated which is key to keeping the tan looking good for longer. This costs about €25 for 50ml but you only need about one to two pumps for your legs so you will get a a good few months out of a bottle. 

Kardashian Beauty Au Natural Lip Set - This set creates a nude lip that has a warm tone. It basically creates a nude lip that has a slight colour so you don't end up with 'foundation lipstick look'. I have the 'In The Nude'. The white 'pen' has a lip liner in one end and a lipstick in the other. The picture above shows the lipstick. You can see the colour is a nude tone that almost has a warm beige colour. The set also comes with a lip gloss to finish the look. The lip gloss smells of toffee so it feels like a treat when your applying it. The three products feel lovely and smooth on your lips. The lip liner and lipstick aren't drying and have a matte/ satin finish on their own. They also last quite on the lips, as the lip liner creates a base for the look. 

I've the three products applied in the pictures above. I'm quite pale naturally and the colours are perfect for my skin tone. They don't wash me out but give a perfect nude lip look. I wear this during the day, to work and also with heavy eye looks on nights out so they pretty versatile. This set works out at abut €18.95 but you get three products so I think its quite good value. It can be found on Cloud 10 Beauty .

Well that's it for anther Bloggers Made Me Do It. I would love to know about some recent blogger inspired purchases you made! 



  1. My friend has actually been looking for a product like the Nuxe one. Between you and my friend Meg ( I have bought so many things since I started following you guys, anything my budget will allow! :) x


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