Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hair Care Saviours from Ojon

Ojon is a brand that I'm relatively new to. A huge stand has recently appeared in the Boots in Dundrum and as I dye my hair a lot I'm always on the look out for words like ' recovery', 'hydrating' and 'dry' when selecting hair care. I'm mentioned this to the girls at the counter and these are two of the products they recommended.

Dry Recovery Revitalising Moisture Mist - this is one of the multi-use products. You can spray it on when your hair is wet and it acts a de-tangler when your brushing your hair out. It's also a leave-in conditioner adding moisturise to your hair. And on top of all that it is also a heat protector. As it is a leave-in conditioner you can spray it on your hair after it's been dried and styled to add in some moisture. I tend to give my hair a few days on hair day two when I'm styling it as it doesn't leave your hair feeling stiff or sticky. 

Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Serum - this is basically a hair oil that fixes everything. It adds hydration to the end of your hair while actively working to repair any damage. It works to strengthen weak hair and tame any frizz. A little bit of this goes a long way and be careful not to use too much as it can make your hair quite tacky. I use this most days, if not everyday through the ends of my hair. It makes it more manageable and also gives it a lovely shine. 

The Dry Recovery Mist retails for about €24 and the Damage Serum is about €26.50 for 50ml. While both of these are on the higher end of the price range for hair care, they have definitely have made huge improvements. My hair is growing much faster and looks much healthier.   If your in the market for some new hair care I would really recommend these. The next item on my wish list in the Rare Blend Deep Conditioner - a conditioner and hair mask in one. 

Have you any tried any Ojon products? 



  1. oh I definitely have to get that mist now, they sell it in my local boots but I've never actually looked through the products. I'll be going straight for this one now I know about it. Love its a mutitasker...so glad you included it in your hair heroes, would never have come across it otherwise ;)

    1. Its so lovely! I'm hooked on it and use it all the time, Bonus it smells divine x


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