Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lip Loves - Lush Lip Scrub 'Bubblegum'

The cold weather is well and truly here and all of us are trying to cope. To keep on top of chapped lips in this weather I've recently invested in a lip scrub from Lush. This actually a repurchase as I missed it so. I picked up the 'Bubblegum' lip scrub which smells delicious, kind of like cotton candy and bubblegum - hence the name. It's also pink which is a bonus :)

I've started using this in the morning as part of my skin care routine. After applying toner and before applying moisturiser I will put a little bit on my lips and scrub. As this is a sugar based scrub you can just lick the excess off. It's a little morning treat as it also tastes yummy. I then apply my day cream and a lip balm before starting on my make up. I'm alternating between two lip balms at the moment, Cicaplast from La Roche-Posay or  Reve de Miel Baume Levres from Nuxe, both of which I've reviewed on my blog.

Lush have a few different lip scrubs but I wanted a 'bitty' type of scrub to work its magic on my lips but depending on what your looking for there is something to suit everyone. These retail for about €8 but last ages. You only need a small amount for each application.  I think I got about 6 months out of my first one. After scrubbing I would recommend applying a balm as you don't want to dry out your lips.

Have you tried any lip scrubs this winter?



  1. I actually got a ton of scrubs (not lip unfortunately) for Xmas, have been using Burts Bees and Carmex Vanilla balms recently, alternating between which I can find first. Find they're working a treat, my lips were in bits before Xmas and now they're great!

    1. I love Burts Bees balms! i always have one them in my bag. x

    2. I'm loving the pomegranate one at the moment but also have a peppermint one for when my lips are in bits

  2. Think I need to include a lip scrub in my routine for sure! :) I've got the moisturisation sorted but gotta get em feeling a little smoother - this is going on the list ;) x

  3. I love the popcorn lip scrub, I eat most of it though :/

  4. I love using this bubblegum scrub at night - it smells sweet & yummy. It leaves my lips super smooth. Its love


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