Monday, 10 February 2014

Big Hair loves from Bumble and Bumble

Being a little bit of a shortly I use what ever I can to add a few inches - big shoes and big hair are usually my weapons of choice! I've been recently loving this duo from Bumble and Bumble; Sea Salt Spray and Thickening Hair Spay. Together they have been giving my hair that added volume I'm always after.

I use the Thickening Hair Spray while my hair is still damp, before blow drying it. I spray it directly on the roots and through the hair. I then blow dry my hair upside down to try and sneak in some volume. Once dried I spay in some of the Sea Salt Spray and tousle my hair. This gives it gives it that messy beach hair look. The texture of the sea slat spray can be a little drying so you only need to use a little bit, and it dries matte.

Or if I don't fancy physically drying my hair, I spray some of the sea salt spray in and tousle and then let it dry naturally. It's dries with a messy curl look. I'm waiting for it to get a little warmer so I can embrace my new beach-babe-do!

I've been loving both of these products and they have really made hair styling woes a thing of the past. I've a Bumble and Bumble wish list the size of my arm now!



  1. I have been wanting these for years!! They're so expensive though, it scares me!

    1. They are lovely though but there there is some dupes available x


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