Wednesday, 5 February 2014

February Wish List

As part of my goals I’m aiming to do a monthly wishlist of items I would pick up if my wallet was bottomless but really just things I've eye on. This month I’ve been lusting after quite a lot! 

Beauty Storage from Muji – as my make up collection has grown considerably over the past few months I really need to start investing in more proper storeage. Currently I’m using a mixture of old Glossy Box boxes and storeage drawers but not really ideal. Depending on how my spending goes this month I might pick some up. Muji storage has been a staple for many the beauty lover over the years so 

New Glasses - I went for an eye test back in September and my prescription for my lenses has changed but I didn’t really see any frames I like so I’ve held off. During the weekend, I ended up in Spec Savers with the girls and found these babies by Hugo Boss. These are the ones and I need to them asap!

Urban Decay Naked 3 – this has been on the wish list since November but iwas sold out..It's recently come back into stock and I'm holding to nab it quick. It’s only fair as my Naked and Naked 2 just don’t feel complete.

Longchamp Overnight bag – I spend a few evenings a week at the boyfriends and end up carrying clothes and other beauty bits back and forth. I’ve been meaning to pick up a nice overnight bag but haven’t really seen anything I liked. I love the style of the Long Champ bags and hoping to add this to my collection soon.

Estee Lauder Lipstick Pure Colour Envy – A new release this month and after reading Viva Adonis review and Make Up Over Mind’s advice I need one of these in my life. While a few shades have been recommended I’ m just not ready to commit yet, give me a few days of research and I’ll already have picked one up.

Alex & Ani bracelets – I picked one of these up after Christmas and I’m smitten. I have one of the silver ones but now I want more. At least one more silver and a few of the copper just for good measure.

Hourglass Ambient light blush – a another new release that the blogging community is going wild for. I’ve been tempted to buy online as Space NK have them available for pre-order but I’m just not sure what colour would suit me so I’m going to wait until they launch in the store and go play woth them in person. I very much so can’t wait. 

Well that's enough to keep me busy for one month. Let me know what your hoping to pick up! 



  1. Those glasses look beautiful <3
    As for the storage, Muji is definitely the best place!
    I store all my paint & art equipment in them

  2. The new Hourglass blushes are beautiful. I am swooning over them on a daily basis. I really want a Longchamp Overnight bag they are so practical & I like the styling

  3. I have to sort out my storage situation, currently have everything between a drawer and a S&G beauty case but nothing is separated. Will be checking Muji out for sure.
    Check out Meg's post on the Hourglass Ambient Blush (, I want to get my hands on it too but don't wanna pre-order a colour that won't suit as I've never even used blush before.

  4. I would love a Muji storage unit... some day.. *crosses fingers*

  5. Recently I find myself wanting all things Hourglass! x


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