Tuesday, 18 February 2014

First Time Spray Tanning,Thanks to Cocoa Brown

I apologise first off for the lack of contact over the last few days, I've been sick in been with a flu/bug thing but feeling better and like myself today and ready to tell you about my first recent tan experience. Through Twitter I won a spray tan with the lovely and generous Cocoa Brown! I was really excited and nervous as I've never had a spray tan before but I was really looking forward to it.

I decided to schedule it around Valentine's Day as I knew the lovely boyfriend and myself would be going out for dinner. Cocoa Brown booked me in with the nearest beauty salon near me which was 4th Avenue in Ballsbridge. Valentine's Day was a Friday and the girls in work who were more familiar with spray tans recommended that I get it done about 2 days before, so it had time to settle on the skin before the 'big event'.

Being a spray tan novice I was unsure about what to do so I contacted one of my girls who told me to make sure I scrub, exfoliate and shave the day before,the same as applying any tan at home. She said to avoid appling a moisturiser to the skin and if possible try and have a quick shower a few hours before. After that shower don't apply anything - deodorant, body lotion, nothing! I followed all of her advice, which meant I'd to head over to the boyfriend's house at lunch for a quick shower. I'm nothing but dedicated.

Now I don't know if you remember last Wednesday but basically we were in the middle of a storm so not exactly the best to get a spray tan but how ever I went anyway.I was determined to get some colour and I headed up to the salon after work. The staff were lovely and really understanding that it was my first time. The beautician looking after me, brought me into the room and talked me through the process. You strip off to the bare essentials which are either your own or the disposable ones supplied by the salon. You put your hair in a hair net and put sticky paper to the soles of your feet. Then in all of your glory you stand in a what can only be described as a large tent and while your standing there the beautician sprays you with the tan. Glamorous, right?

The tanning itself took about 15 minutes for 2 coats of Cocoa Brown. Afterwards I was handed the tube without the nozzle and told to dry my skin with it. The tan absorbs into the skin quite quickly but this just helps it along so you can get dressed. Be careful not to bend too much though as you can cause creases around the elbows and knees.

Afterwards I got dressed into baggy clothes; a t-shirt and baggy tracksuit bottoms but no bra as it can cause marks. After a quick taxi ride back to the boyfriends house all I had to do was wait. Similar to the self tan, I could rinse after 1 hour for a light glow, 2 hours for sun kissed look and 3 hours for a full tan. I opted for 2 hours. At this stage you just go into the shower and rinse off, no shower gel. This basically just gets rid of the excess and means your no longer sticky and don't turn the sheets orange.

The pictures above show the tan after 2 quick body showers, after the first rinse I had another shower in the morning to freshen up for the day ahead. The other picture is after 3 showers, you can see I still have a little glow.

To keep your tan lasting longer your recommended to use an oil free moisturiser, but just make sure you keep your skin moisturised. As I've been feeling so poorly I've slacked in my tan maintenance. But something I've noticed and the owner of 4th Avenue pointed out, is that the Cocoa Brown tan is fading evenly across the skin instead of in patches like other spray tans. I've not tried any other spray tans so I can't confirm for this but it is fading really naturally.

All in all, I loved how the tan turned out. It was really natural. All the girls in work really liked how it looked and now I have a new obsession! I'm disappointed I was sick so I didn't get to fully enjoy my tan but I'm already planning my next one :D

Have you had a spray tan? Are you also now a convert?



  1. Aww sounds great and you looked lovely!

  2. Never had a Cocoa Brown spray tan but I know a beautician that comes out to the house and does it for you there for convenience reasons (driving after a spray tan is disastrous!), haven't gotten one in a while as have been relying on Cocoa Brown mostly for the odd tan/special occasion but it looks gorgeous on you!


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