Friday, 14 February 2014

Lip Loves - Inglot '408' Matte

Happy Valentine’s Day one and all! I've been having a great day so far. A rose from the boss and reached over 200 followers between GFC and Blog Lovin :D

For the day that’s in it I thought it would be appropriate to blog about lipstick, especially RED lipstick. Red lipstick has become a recent obsession of mine, I just can’t get enough of them. They are perfect for nights out and events or even patted on for a day appropriate look. 

I was going to a wedding right before Christmas and treated myself to a makeover in Inglot. The way it works is that you pay €40 and its redeemable against products. I went in wanting a glittery eye look and a nude lip but left with a dark smokey eye and a red lip. I loved the colour of the lipstick so much that I had to pick it up. Say hello to '408'.

The red is just beautiful, its bright and vibrant, so perfect to wear on your round. While it is a matte finish I don't find it as drying as they MAC mattes and its really long lasting. The Inglot lipsticks in general are just magical, the pigmentation is incredible and they retail for approx €13. So all in all you just can't go wrong. 

Will you be rocking a red lip today? Hope you enjoy your day!!



  1. Currently I am still make up free, but I might break out my Bourjois orngey red lipstick, as a change from my usual pinks! x

  2. Will have to check this out! Still need to get into Inglot! Loving red lipsticks too at the moment.
    Hope you have a lovely evening! x

  3. That's such a pretty colour on you! I rarely wear red lipstick, I need to be more brave!

    1. Nothing like a good red lipstick, go for it x

  4. I love a good matte lippie and that one's a wee stunner!


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