Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lush 'No Drought ' Dry Shampoo

If you've been reading my blog lately you might have seen this baby pop up from time to time! This is the Lush 'No Drought' Dry Shampoo. I've been slightly obsessed with since I picked up the larger size after Christmas.

I'm a big lover of dry shampoos. They help refresh your hair and graven give it some body and volume. If I'm ever styling my hair I always use some dry shampoo to give it some texture.

What I like about 'No Drought' is that unlike the aerosol versions you have precise application and you don't really need to use as much. When I'm using an aerosols I just hold it down and spray my roots but it kind of goes everywhere. With 'No Drought' I put put a tiny amount into my hand and apply it to the the hair around my face and my roots. Although the powder is white it blends into your hair and disappears so you can use as little or as much as needed. 

I also think that this is going to last me a long time. A large can of dry shampoo only lasts me about a month but I've had this large bottle just after Christmas and I've still a long way to go :)

Now if your still unsure Lush also sell it on this adorable mini size! Great for carrying around in your bag and taking on travels. The larger size is approx. €9 while the smaller one is approx. €5. This is by far the best dry shampoo I've tried and I'm not sure if I'll go back to aerosol. Now all that being said I do want to try the option from Garnier! 

Well that's all for now but make sure to check in later for week 4 of the best of beauty blog challenge! 



  1. Great post, I'm obsessed with Batiste my fine hair couldn't keep grease free without it!

  2. I've been meaning to pick up dry shampoo since I ran out after Christmas (believe me the time and shampoo wasted since then!) so I will hopefully get to pick this up really soon and save myself time and my hair extra washing! :)

  3. This looks really interesting! Would love to try a dry shampoo that isn't a spray... I absolutely hate it when you spray a dry shampoo and then you can't breathe for about a minute without inhaling it all! Gross!

    alex @


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