Friday, 28 February 2014

Review of the Merumaya Skin Brilliance Supplements

Now that winter is almost over and we're so close to spring, my make up and skin care will be going through a little bit of an overall. The Merumaya Skin Brillance Supplements* have been helping get my skin spring and summer ready. The supplements contain RevitElix Nutra and Vitamin C to restore the derma tissue and increase the skin's moisture and elascity. The bottle contains enough tablets for 6 weeks and these are to be taken morning and night.They also recommend pairing the supplements with the Iconic Youth Serum for best results.

 I've been trialling both for the past few weeks and I have really seen a difference. The serum has a very different consistency to any other serum I've tried. It's more of a gel/cream than a liquid serum. The other this that is very noticeable about the serum is the smell, its almost like a mushroomy smell. This is due to the mix of natural ingredients in the serum. While the smell doesn't really bother me and disappears once the product is absorbed into the skin, it might bother some people.

And the supplements remind of fish oil tablets in there shape and texture. I've been talking them morning and night for the past few weeks and using the serum both under my day creams and night creams. The serum is really lovely and hydrating, any dryness I had has disappeared. Now on to the supplements, they are meant to target and improve the skin's elasticity and improve barrier integrity and moisture levels. All of these thing work to give your skin radiance and an overall more youthful look. While I don't any issues with elascity, my skin is certainly brighter and clearer. While I am still having a monthly breakout overall my skin looks healthier. I've even been cutting back on the amount of make up I'm wearing as I don't need to cover up as much. I'm happily down to just one pump!

The supplements work to improve the skin's youthfulness so they don't contain any basic vitamins. This means if your already taking multi-vitamins this won't interfere with them. Both are available from Arnotts counter!

Have you tried this range from Merumaya?

Update: unfortunately Merumaya will no longer be available from Arnotts. But fear not to thank the Irish customers for their support. Maleka (the founder of Merumaya) will be offering the same delivery costs to Ireland as the UK. It will be £3.95 or free shipping if over £40. So happy shopping! 


Skin Brillance Supplements RRP €43.50
Iconic Youth Serum RRP €43.50

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  1. I really want to try their cleansing balm. Heard it's supposed to be really good!

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