Thursday, 13 February 2014

Soothing Hands and Feet in this Cold Weather

 The only beauty products that I'm very lazy at using are hand and foot creams. I've lotions and potions for just about everything else but always slack when it come to my hands and feet. It's not for lack of product as I've gathered quite a collection of creams from birthdays, Christmases and general beauty shopping. In an attempt to get my paws silky smooth I am making more of an effort to put on some much needed creams. These are the two tubes of choices at the moment.

Micropedi Ultra Finishing Foot Cream* - This is a hard core foot cream, its designed to be used after the Micropedi - which if you don't know what that is a foot scrubber, for more information click here. This has really much some much needed moisture back into my toes. It absorbs into the skin without having a tacky residue. I like to apply this after a bath or shower and at night. I rub some in and put on a pair of socks (preferably big fluffy ones from Pennies).

I've noticed an improvement in my skin since I've starting doing this. I do a lot of walking to and from work and running around town but don't really pamper my poor toes. Using a foot cream daily is my first step to getting ready for Summer sandals.

Cien SOS Hand Concentrate - This was a bargain buy from Lidl and at about €4 you can't really go wrong. It's really similar to the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream but cheaper. This has been amazing over the last few weeks, keeping my hands in tip top shape throughout the cold.

A little bit of this goes a long way, which is good as it can be hard to get it out of the tube. But don't let its size fool you as it is pretty amazing! Once you apply it to the skin, its absorbs quickly which it feels a slight tackiness it doesn't last long but you are left with hydrated and smooth skin, ready for your next adventure.

I am still getting used to using hand and foot creams but am seeing and feeling the difference when I do use them. Only time will tell if I can keep this up. Are you a fan of hand and foot creams?



  1. The Cien SOS Hand Concentrate sounds amazing, especially for 4 euros! Canada is so cold and super harsh on the skin, so this post is great! xx

    1. Thanks so much, glass you enjoyed it x


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