Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tanya Burr Lips and Nails Collection

Tanya Burr has been one of my favourite Beauty Guru's on YouTube for a long time. I love her make up tutorials and she's always great for good 'drugstore' finds. She recently launched her own collection of lip glosses and nail polishes and when I was placing an order with Cloud 10 Beauty some might have ended up in my accident of course.

I did a little bit of research online trying to figure out what shade I wanted to get. I was allowing myself to order only 1 gloss and 1 nail varnish. Katie from Katie's Beauty Blog had swatches of all of the glosses and this really helped to narrow it down. I was stuck between Exotic Island, Aurora and Picnic in the Park. Kate recommended the latter so that's the one I picked up. It's a gorgeous pinky/coral. Perfect for pretty much any look. You can see that the glosses are quite pigmented as you can wear them alone or over a lipstick/lip liner.

I've only worn this twice since I got it and I find it quite hydrating on the lips and for a gloss its not over sticky. I think I've finally fallen for a lip gloss line, its not something I usually pick up but that's all about to change.

Now on to the nails. I wanted a lot of the colours, Little Duck was so pretty and so was Penguin Chic and Mini Marshmallows. But in the end I went for Midnight Sparkles. Its a really unusual colour of a dark pruple/black with a blue sparkle. Really pretty once applied.

I had no other nail varnish on Valentine's Day and hastily applied 1 coat before we went out. These are so pigmented that you only need one coat!

These are both available from Cloud 10 Beauty, the glosses are €7.50 and the nail polishes are €8.50. I think they're both really good quality and I'm already planning my next purchase.

Will you be picking any of this collection up?


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