Monday, 10 March 2014

#BOBBLOG Challange Week 5 - Princess Product featuring 'Dior Nail Glow'

Firstly I apologise that this is so late. I've had a bad dose of the flu and then laryngitis. I was put on antibiotics and was just completely wiped. Thankfully I'm feeling like myself today and that means catching up on my poor neglected blog.

The first post I need to catch up on is Week 5 of the Best of Beauty Blog Challenge. This was suppose to go live last Thursday so I do apologise again for the lateness. 

It took me a while to decide on what my princess product would be. To me a princess product is that one item you absolutely splurged on. It was something you had to have and it was totally worth it! When I was looking at my collection one item really stood out and that was Dior Nail Glow, this is my ultimate pamper product.

It's a pinky/clear nail varnish, I know that doesn't make sense but you can see what I mean from the picture above. Nail Glow is designed give you an instant French Manicure. It makes the whites of your nails whiter and the pinks of your nails pinker. I know it doesn't look like much in the bottle but once applied to the nails it has a lovely effect that's really natural and chic.You also get a French Manicure in seconds once the polish has dried. 

If you remember by post back in December 'An Introduction to Dior' the amazing make up artist, David recommended Nail Glow and nic-named it ‘Nail Grow.’ And I agree, any time I’ve worn this for a few days I’ve definitely seen a nail growth spurt!

On top of that you can apply it over any colour nail varnish to refresh and revamp a colour. So while this little bottle is a little on the expensive side (€23.50)  it's definitely fit for a princess! 

Be sure to check out Sam on All The Buzz for the full list of bloggers taking part. I can't wait to catch up and see what items I need to add to my shopping list. Also you can search the hashtag #BOBBlogChallenge on Twitter to find the posts. Be sure to check in on Thursday for my next instalment. I promise I'll have this one up on time.


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  1. I haven't really heard all that much about this before. I love your rings though!


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