Tuesday, 18 March 2014

#BOBBlogChallenge Week 6 Budget Bargain featuring Catrice Camouflage Concealer

Well I am late again to the party! I still am playing catch up after being so ill last week so thank you all for your patience. I missed the deadline for Week 6 of the Best of Beauty Blog Challenge but I figured better late than never...right? I am determined to have this weeks post up on time so check in here on Thursday at 7pm. 

For week 6 we have been focusing on Budget Bargains. To me this was looking at my collection for the budget holy grail item. My eye was instantly drawn to this concealer from Catrice 'Camouflage Concealer'. 

If you haven't yet tried this concealer, first of all I ask you why? Secondly, that's ok just sit tight and I will tell you all the reasons why you need too. 

This is a very full coverage concealer for about €3. This is the best item in your collection for covering those pesky blemishes. It packs a lot of punch for something so small and blends into your foundation so evenly, it just covers what ever you need it to. I find it works best when applied with a brush, you can apply the product directly on to the problem areas and I know I say this a lot but a little really does go along way with this one. 

This retails for about €3 and available from Penny's and a lot of pharmacies. The only down side is the selection of colours but if one matches your tone and colouring I would really recommend picking one up. 

Well that's all for this week's instalment. Make sure to check out Sam from All The Buzz, for the full list of bloggers taking part. Or just search #BOBBlogChallenge on Twitter to find everyone. 


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