Thursday, 20 March 2014

#BOBBlogChallenge Week 7 'Beauty Treatments'

So its week 7 of 8 of the Best of Beauty Blog Challenge. Not sure how the time has flown by but it has and this week we are focusing on our favourite beauty treatments. I'm a bad beauty blogger as I'm not usually one to invest in beauty treatments. Disappointing I know, but it's way I was so excited to see what everyone else will be talking about tonight so I can steal all their ideas.

Now while I don't really get messages or facials, I have a few of my favourite beauty related venues that I'm going to tell you about:

I'm a big lover of all things brow related and to me, bigger is always better. I've has some issues with my brows in the past and have learnt from experience to leave it to the professionals for maintenance and shape. I've frequented a few brow bars in my time but the place I would really recommend is the Benefit Boutique on South William Street. Now there are a bunch of girls who understand all things brows. I have never left disappointed! Check out my full review here

I'm a girl who swaps and changes her hair looks a lot. I just get bored very easily and the hair dressers I've been visiting over the last year has always been willing to take a risk with me. I found C.O.M. (Contours of Mind) though Groupon and have been going back ever since. Patrick and Drew have been lifesavers from giving me dark brown hair with an ombre twist and a blunt fridge to bringing me back blonde with a beach curl. They really understand hair and have a customer service mentality

Make up: 
While I don't get my make up done that often there is only one place I'll go. Being a lover of all things beauty, I'm so fussy about how I want the finished look to be like. That's why I stick with Inglot on South Anne Street. The girls in there are just fabulous, if you can ask for Jessica. Her work is incredible. Even go in and book a make up lesson. you'll leave with a wealth of knowledge you didn't have before. 

I've actually treated myself to a few nail treatments over the past year and have been more than happy in every where I've gone. You can't beat Tropical Popical, price alone they're a stand out but the girls working there are so talented. You can leave with some funky nail art. Close to home I've gone to Edel McGreal and she's amazing, her shellac is always a little different

I've only ever had one spray tan in my life and I loved it! I was lucky enough to win with with Cocoa Brown on Twitter and they sent me to 4th Avenue. The girls were great explaining everything to me and made sure I was happy. You can read my full review here

Well looking back I've actually been to quite a few beauty parlours and given my self a few treats over the past few months. To check out everyone else's Best of Beauty Challenge posts, go to Sam on All The Buzz. You can find the full list of bloggers taking part. Or go on to Twitter and search the hashtag #bobblogchallenge

See you this time next week for the last instalment of this challenge! 


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