Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Review of the Ziaja New Sensitive Skincare Line

Everyone loves a good bargain and Ziaja skincare is certainly just that! I've tested a few of theirs products in the past and have always been happy with the results. I've recently been trying out a few new items from their latest launch - Sensitive Skin.

The entire range of products from cleanser to face peel was created for very sensitive skin. All of the products are hypoallergenic and fragrance, silicons and parabens free. The products are gentle on the skin but effective and really lovely to use. 

Sensitive Skin Firming Night Cream* - I've been really sick recently, a bad flu that just wouldn't shift. Being run down and on antibiotics my skin has been more sensitive than normal so these products couldn't have arrived at a better time. The Firming Night Cream is lovely. I was pleasantly surprised at how hydrating it was for my skin. I like to use a really moisturising night cream when I'm ill to help keep my face in order. This has been great at getting some much needed moisture into my skin. It also works to eliminate redness and that burning sensation of the skin after cleansing. 

Sensitive Skin Enzyme Peeling* - This has been the best thing for getting my skin back under control. I've been using this twice a week as recommended for the past few weeks and I've seen much needed improvements in my skin. Thank God. It peels and dissolves dead skin cells to allow the soothing agents in the peel to work. The next morning my skin looks brighter and definitely feels much smoother. This has already become a holy grail item from the range. As it is a deep cleansing product be sure to follow up with a good hydrating serum and moisturiser. I would also recommend using this product in the evening as your skin could become irritated if you applied make up on it. 

Sensitive Skin Wash Gel for Face and Body* - I was really intrigued about this product as its a was gel for the face and body. Normally I don't like to use the same products on my face and my body. Body products tend to be too harsh for the face. This was not the case. While it says gel in the name, its a creamy, foaming cleanser, that's both gentle on the skin but cleanses effectively. I've been using this a lot when taking a bath, I can apply it to my face and the areas I want to look after as its specially targets sensitive, dry and rough skin. Think knees, elbows and feet. While it is working cleanser it also moisturising and doesn't leave the skin feeling tight and dry. Always a bonus!! 

The line is great and for the price you really can't go wrong. The star for me (as mentioned above) is the Enzyme Peeling. A great deep cleanser for getting your skin in order. To find out more about the range check out the Ziaja Facebook page here. And the products are available from most pharmacies or you can order online from Original Beauty


Firming Night Cream RRP €6.99
Enzyme Peel RRP €4.99
Wash Gel for Face and Body RRP €4.99


  1. Fab review Hun! I love the enzyme peel! It's amazing for any skin woes!

  2. Really thorough reviews Avril, been seeing these everywhere and with every review I read it’s clear I need the enzyme peel in my life!


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