Sunday, 6 April 2014

#BOBBlogChallange Week 8 'Best of Beauty Bloggers'

Hello and welcome back! I had an unexpected blog break to get my focus back — work and life in general have been a little hectic of late and I didn't have the energy to blog but having take some time to regenerate I'm back and playing catch up!

Unfortunately, I missed the deadline for the week 8 'Best of Beauty' blog challenge but I couldn't let it go by completely. I really enjoyed taking part in this challenge and, the next time I take part in one, I promise to be more organised. I just wanted to say a big thank you to Sam for organising it all! It was great fun and I found some new blogs to add to my reading list. So, for week 8 we focused on our favourite beauty blogger, giving them some love! I have a lot of blogs I visit regularly for a good read for fashion and beauty tips but in particular I want to give my fellow Irish bloggers a shout out, so here are a few of my all time go-to blogs:

All the Buzz — Sam recently won Blogger of the Year at the Digital Media Awards and no better woman could have won if you ask me. Her blog is great for everything from makeup and fashion tips to the latest celebrity gossip. One of my favourite sections in Sam's blog is 'Health' she's not one to shy away from important issues such as mental health, overall happiness and personal well-being. There really is something on All The Buzz for everyone. Her writing style is personal and inviting, you feel like you get to know her more the more you read! 

Nurse Fancy Pants — I adore Chloe's lists, from recently watched films and must-read books. Anything she recommends I take note of and eventually buy. She has a great way of bringing you into her posts so you have to keep reading to find out more. To top is all off, she is just as lovely and gorgeous in person as she is on her blog. 

Makeup Over Mind — Orla has the ability to make me NEED anything she reviews. If it has passed the Makeup Over Mind test, it's straight on my wish list. Orla's reviews are full of information with product pros, cons, comparisons and everything in between. I can fully trust her and usually search to see if she's bought an item before I invest. Orla's makeup is always flawless and she is always good for a recommendation of a new base or concealer. 

Viva Adonis — I have become slightly obsessed with Sinéad and Deirdre's blog of late. I love the photography and writing styles as well as the layout of out of their blog. And, now that they're on YouTube, I'm loving their videos as well. Again anything they approve of seems to end up in my shopping basket. I have a similar colouring to Sinéad so, if it suits her, I have to have it. 

Dolly Rouge — Kat and Roxy's blog was one of the first irish blogs I really got into. I love their open and honest take on beauty blogging and love Kat's YouTube videos. She always looks flawless so her tutorials are some of my go-to videos.

Glamour Nazi — Last in this list but certainly not least is Dani from Glamour Nazi. Dani's make up is always incredible so I really look forward to her Friday Face posts where she takes you through a make up look. Dani also writes for and her posts from it have been really interesting. Something to take note of as she recommends many products suitable for the paler girls! 

So there's a selection of my favourite Irish makeup and beauty blogs for you to fall in love with. I have many more that I could include from Lovely Girly Bits, Fluff and Fripperies and, of course, Scatterbrained Blogging but we'd be here all day! If you haven't already, be sure to check out All The Buzz for the full list of bloggers who took part in this challenge! 

Stay gorgeous and speak soon.



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