Sunday, 27 April 2014

Inglot Mini Brushes for On the Go

I am a commuter, I spend at least 2 hours of my working day on a bus and then sometime on the weekend. And I will admit some mornings I'm very tried and I will need to apply my makeup on the bus...I am one of the those women.

To help with such a challenging task, I've been using this brush set from Inglot. It contents every brush a girl needs on the go!

Powder Brush - This powder brush is big and fluffy and can be usedt for many things. Applying a setting powder and bronzer and even applying and blending out blush. The bristles are soft and disperse product evenly on the face.

Contour brush - As this is a flat square brush, it is perfect for contouring especially under the jaw line.   I have to be careful with this step as it picks up a lot of product. I then use the powder brush to blend out the contour. I also like to use this brush for applying highlighter on my cheek bones and down the centre of my nose.

Lip brush - You can't really go wrong with a lip brush, it had a lid so that it won't stain the case.

Blending brush - This is a gorgeous little blending brush. I tend to use use this in my crease and it's the perfect size for getting in and blending out the colours. I actually find myself taking this out of the case to use in the morning as well.

Eye brow brush - This is the only brush in the set that I didn't get on with. It has plastic bristles and I find it really hard to use. It drags makeup off my face instead of applying the product to my brows.

Concealer brush - Although its a small brush its great for on the go touch ups. This brush is great with harder concealers especially ones like the Catrice Camouflage Concealer.

While all of the brushes are so handy to use and the majority of them are very soft, I did find that the contour and powder brush did shed quite a bit when I washed them. Hopefully that will calm down now after a few washes! All in all its a handy little set to have in your bag.

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