Monday, 14 April 2014

La Roche-Posay skincare routine to combat redness and review of Rosaliac CC Creme

Redness in my skin is something that I've learned to cover with makeup. However I was recently introduced to the following skincare routine that works to reduce and improved redness. This is pretty special!

This is the Rosaliac daily skincare programme that works against many factors that can lead to skin redness! The main triggers of redness are the weather, stress and of course alcohol.

Cleanse - Micellar Make-Up Removal Gel* is great for skin that is prone to redness or if you have sensitive skin. You can apply directly with your fingers or with a cotton pad and wipe off. It dissolves and breaks down make-up and dirt on the skin. As its a gel its not hash on the skin and doesn't leave it feeling tight. You also don't need to rinse off the product.

Soothe - To soothe the skin, use La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water*, this is replacing the 'toner' step in other routines and so easy to use, just spray directly on to the face. It works to soothe any irritation on the skin. This is as part of the skin care routine and all over the body, so apply before putting any serums or moisturisers on to the skin. You can also spray your face after applying makeup to freshen up throughout the day.

Treat - To treat any specially red areas you can use Rosaliac AR Intense*,  applying it directly on to the area that are affected. This step should follow the 'soothe' and go before 'moisturising' as it allows the product to work on the crucial areas. This can be used day and night.

Moisturise - To treat, La Roche-Pasay recommend that you use a moisturiser specially for redness. The Rosaliac UV Lergre is a good option of normal/combination skin. I have a full review of  this here.

Cover - This is the real star of the show, the New Rosaliac CC Creme*. This CC creme was created to cover redness and correct colour flaws. It also has an SPF of 30, which is great as you should be using an SPF daily in your routine. The CC creme was designed give instant coverage to any redness while working toward correcting it in the long-term. You just pump a little bit directly into your hands and apply with your finger tips. This is great for brighten up the skin. You might recognise it from my first post with

Used altogether these steps will work towards correcting and covering any redness you have, leaving you with clear and bright skin. Depending on your skin needs you can pick and choose the best oviducts to suit your needs. The two musth ave products for me are the Rosaliac CC Creme, its a great option for the warmer months and gives a lovely finish on the skin. I would also recommend picking one of the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, they are so handy to have in your collection and do so much.

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Rosaliac AR Intense RRP €23.50
Rosaliac CC Creme RRP €23.00
All available from stockist nationwide

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