Monday, 12 May 2014

Review of the Cashmere range from Ziaja

We all try to introduce some luxury into our everyday lives. Ziaja have managed to achieve this with their new Cashmere range.

The Ziaja Cashmere Creamy Shower Soap* is a treat to use in the morning as it softens the skin when it cleanses. Just apply a little bit to your hands and away you go. While I apply a body lotion after every shower to lock back in the moisture I find myself using a little less as the shower gel as already soften and moisturised the skin. It also has a lovely soft scent which is not overpowering on the skin.

The best part is that every shower soap comes with a free hand cream. In this case, it comes with Ziaja Cashmere & Shea Butter Hand Cream*. I love using this at night to lock in moisture after applying some cuticle oil. It keeps my hand soft and smooth even after washing! The whole thing will set you bake €3.99 so if your in the market for a new Shower Gel you really can't go wrong!

Have you tried this range from Ziaja yet?


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