Friday, 30 May 2014

Review of the Gosh Illumating CC Cream Foundation and Prime n' Refresh Illuminating Eye Roll-on

Illuminating is the key word in this little duo from Gosh. I've been testing out these new editions and I have to have it's all good.

I love applying the Prime n' Refresh Illuminating Eye Roll-On* first thing in the morning. As it's a roll on it's cooling and soothing on the eyes which is refreshing and a great wake me up first thing in the morning. It has an almost pinky tone to it, which is perfect for combating any dark circles. It's also quite hydrating which helps with any fine lines. While it is an extra step to apply it under my foundation in the morning. It's totally worth it when you see the finished results, once all my make up has been applied. The eye area is brighter and any puffiness from a nights sleep has disappeared! This little guy will set you back €10.99 but it will last ages as you only really need the smallest bit.

Now on to the the new CC cream. I seem to have developed a little bit of a thing for CC creams as of late (all will be revealed soon) and I'm loving Gosh's addition Illuminating Foundation CC Cream*. I have shade 03 Sand which is a little dark for me normally so I tend to use this on day's I've tanned, or mix it with a paler CC creams to get the right shade.  But let's talk coverage - for a CC it has a good light to medium coverage, that is buildable. It also has one of my favourite words in the name 'illuminating' so it will give the skin a gorgeous dewy finish. Exactly what you want when there's a little bit of sunshine. The fact that it has SPF 10 is a little added benefit! Now the price, it normally costs €13.99 but is currently on a special offer with €4 off so be sure to pick one up soon!

Both products are free of parabens and perfumes so they're good options for sensitive skin! Now this was my first experience with Gosh and I was very impressed.

What bases have you been reaching for in these few warmer weeks?


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