Friday, 6 June 2014

A Kiehl's Skincare Consultation

A couple of weeks ago I was invited into Kiehl's on Wicklow Street for a skin consultation. This is a great service where you go in and talk to one of the sales assistants and they will create a skin care routine based on your needs!

The first thing they do is figure out what skin type you have through a few tests. They first figure out the level of oiliness your skin has and then if it's dehydrated. I'm prone to a little shininess throughout the day on my and my skin is dehydrated. Once you know your skin type, they take you through the products!

And your not sent away empty handed, I was given deluxe samples of the majority of the items recommended. This was great because I got to try the products before investing in anything! And the little cherry on the top was that a few weeks later, I got a letter in the post with the missing samples and a thank you note! It's little things like this which would make you fall more in love a brand!

Below is the skin care routine they designed for me: 


Ultra Facial Cleanser - This is a lightweight cleanser that's not too drying on the skin. It works to clear the skin of any excess oils and dirt but not stripping it of the natural moisture. This cleanser would be suitable for most skin types. My skin felt thoroughly clean after I used it but not tight. The cleanser is only €18. 

Ultra Facial Toner - This was probably one of my favourite products. I find a lot of toners can be quite harsh and drying on the skin but not this guy! It's very moisturising on the skin and as it's alcohol free it won't leave your skin feeling tight. Like the majority of Kiehl's products this is suitable for the majority of skin types. The toner works out at €19.50.

Powerful-Strength Line-Reduction Concentrate - This is the serum they recommended, and probably one of the most important products, at least for me anyway. My skin is dehydrated which means it's lacking moisture, this secret weapon working to quench the skin. This will improve the overall look of the skin, reducing any lines and wrinkles. It feels so nice on the skin and absorbs quickly without leaving a residue behind. This serum will set you back by €56. 

Ultra Facial Cream - You can't go wrong with a good moisturiser and the Ultra Facial Cream is a great pick! Suitable for both day and night, and even under makeup its a great multi-use moisturiser for the face. The larger tub is €28.50.  

Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream - Finally you need to finish up with an eye cream and one recommended for me is a recent edition to the Kiehl's collection. This is a great little number for improving the skin around your eyes and works to increase the elasticity. The eye cream costs €37.50.

The majority of the steps are the same for the nigh time routine except for a few changes.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate - This is to replace the serum in the night time step and can be used alone or under a moisturiser. As I only had a sample I only used it the once but I saw such a difference in my skin. It was brighter and felt so soft. If you were to pick up only one item, I think this is the one I would recommend. You can pick this up for €42.50. 

Midnight Recovery Eye - This is the eye cream to go with the serum and boy, does it work. Again it works to improve over elasticity but it is so concentrated that it gets deep down to hydrate your skin from the bottom up! This eye cream is €29.50.

All in all I think it's a great service. You learn more about your skin and the best way to look after it.
Are you a fan of Kiehl's? Any items I should pick up?

Until next time stay gorgeous!


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