Monday, 28 July 2014

Another exciting launch from Lancome - Grandiose Mascara

Nothing like some exciting news on a Monday to get me back to blogging! A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the launch of an exciting new product from Lancome - Grandiose Mascara.  

Mascara can be one of the trickiest make up products to apply – between smudging under the lower lashes to the make up on the lids, even getting across your cheek or nose. We do all this while trying to coat every single lash.  I’m pretty most of us have some mascara stories we can share!

Grandiose is a revoluationary mascara that has the first Swan-Neck wand, so this is a different shaped bottle and wand to anything you've seen before. The curve allows you to apply the mascara without having to preform all the twists and turns that would have happen to reach every lash. The stem is curved at 25 degrees so effortless curves to the natural contours of your face - hopefully this means that we will no long end up with mascara all over your face. 

The bristles will also allow you to create both length and volume. While they are a mix in sizes, overall it's designed to lift from the root and coat the lash in mascara right to the tip! The idea is that this will bring an end to smudging mascara on the lid. Nothing worse than spending ages blending out the perfect smokey eye, only to ruin it with a black dot on the lid! 

While I haven’t tried the mascara myself from the pictures at the event you can see it does everything it says! You can see the difference on the model as she only has the mascara on one side! I could go on about all the different features this mascara promises but the thing that most intrigues me is that the shape of wand will automatically mix the formula every time you open the bottle. This means that it will stay fresh the entire life of the product; no more flakes! 

It's been exclusively available in Brown Thomas since the 15th of July. This mascara will be launching nationwide on the 1st of August. It your interested the mascara will set you back about €30. I'm definitely intrigued. Will you be stopping by to check it out?

Until next time, stay beautiful.


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